Lena Ho



  1. Ho L, van Dijk M, Chye S, Messerschmidt D, Chng S, Ong S, et al. ELABELA deficiency promotes preeclampsia and cardiovascular malformations in mice. Science. 2017;357:707-713 pubmed publisher
    ..The ELA-APLNR signaling axis may offer a new paradigm for the treatment of common pregnancy-related complications, including PE. ..
  2. Ho L, Tan S, Wee S, Wu Y, Tan S, Ramakrishna N, et al. ELABELA Is an Endogenous Growth Factor that Sustains hESC Self-Renewal via the PI3K/AKT Pathway. Cell Stem Cell. 2015;17:435-47 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that ELA, acting through an alternate cell-surface receptor, is an endogenous secreted growth factor in human embryos and hESCs that promotes growth and pluripotency. ..