Daniel Mamais


Affiliation: National Technical University of Athens
Country: Greece


  1. Mamais D, Noutsopoulos C, Dimopoulou A, Stasinakis A, Lekkas T. Wastewater treatment process impact on energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions. Water Sci Technol. 2015;71:303-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Given the results, it is postulated that the reduction of dissolved oxygen (DO) set points and sludge retention time can provide significant energy savings and decrease GHG emissions. ..
  2. Koumaki E, Mamais D, Noutsopoulos C, Nika M, Bletsou A, Thomaidis N, et al. Degradation of emerging contaminants from water under natural sunlight: The effect of season, pH, humic acids and nitrate and identification of photodegradation by-products. Chemosphere. 2015;138:675-81 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, several degradation by-products of ketoprofen and diclofenac were identified in the samples, exposed to sunlight. The dependence of these by-products on radiation time is also demonstrated. ..
  3. Mamais D, Noutsopoulos C, Kavallari I, Nyktari E, Kaldis A, Panousi E, et al. Biological groundwater treatment for chromium removal at low hexavalent chromium concentrations. Chemosphere. 2016;152:238-44 pubmed publisher
  4. Koumaki E, Mamais D, Noutsopoulos C. Environmental fate of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in river water/sediment systems. J Hazard Mater. 2017;323:233-241 pubmed publisher
    ..6 and 20.1days, while dissipation half-lives for naproxen and ketoprofen increase by a factor of 2 under all tested conditions in the absence of oxygen. ..