Marcel Wiermer


Country: Germany


  1. Genenncher B, Wirthmueller L, Roth C, Klenke M, Ma L, Sharon A, et al. Nucleoporin-Regulated MAP Kinase Signaling in Immunity to a Necrotrophic Fungal Pathogen. Plant Physiol. 2016;172:1293-1305 pubmed
  2. Wiermer M, Cheng Y, Imkampe J, Li M, Wang D, Lipka V, et al. Putative members of the Arabidopsis Nup107-160 nuclear pore sub-complex contribute to pathogen defense. Plant J. 2012;70:796-808 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that Nup160 is required for nuclear mRNA export and full expression of EDS1-conditioned resistance pathways in Arabidopsis...