Vahudin Zugor


Affiliation: University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Country: Germany


  1. Zugor V, Zenker M, Dotsch J, Schrott K, Schott G. [Denys-Drash syndrome. Experience gathered in Erlangen illustrated by two case reports]. Urologe A. 2005;44:1197-200 pubmed
    ..It would be important to perform a diagnostic work-up for WT1 gene mutation in children who develop renal failure in the 1st year of life...
  2. Zugor V, Krot D, Rösch W, Schrott K, Schott G. [Endometriosis of the ureter and urinary bladder]. Urologe A. 2007;46:71-8; quiz 79 pubmed
  3. Zugor V, Zenker M, Schrott K, Schott G. [Frasier syndrome: a rare syndrome with WT1 gene mutation in pediatric urology]. Aktuelle Urol. 2006;37:64-6 pubmed
    ..We also suggest that phenotypical female patients with focal sclerosing glomerulonephritis be examined for WT1 mutations. ..
  4. Zugor V, Schrott K, Schott G. Cowper's syringocele--a rare malformation of the male urethra. Erlangen experience in two example cases. Urol Int. 2006;76:182-5 pubmed
    ..Both patients were treated using the transurethral surgical technique. The results are discussed with reference to the relevant literature...
  5. Zugor V, Schott G, Labanaris A. Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis in childhood: a critical analysis of 10 cases and of the literature. Urology. 2007;70:157-60 pubmed
    ..To report our experience with 10 cases of pediatric xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis and review the literature regarding this relatively uncommon disease...
  6. Zugor V, Horch R, Labanaris A, Schreiber M, Schott G. [Penoscrotal elephantiasis: diagnostics and treatment options]. Urologe A. 2008;47:472-6 pubmed
    ..In all manifestations it is important to prevent and treat those diseases known to cause elephantiasis...