Klemens Wild


Affiliation: University of Heidelberg
Country: Germany


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    Wild K, Rosendal K, Sinning I. A structural step into the SRP cycle. Mol Microbiol. 2004;53:357-63 pubmed
    ..The model is placed in the context of the recent structures of mammalian SRP bound to a ribosome-nascent chain complex and of a subcomplex of SRP-SR. ..
  2. Jadhav B, Wild K, Pool M, Sinning I. Structure and Switch Cycle of SRβ as Ancestral Eukaryotic GTPase Associated with Secretory Membranes. Structure. 2015;23:1838-1847 pubmed publisher
    ..We define the GTPase switch cycle of SRβ and identify specific differences to the Arf and Sar1 families with implications for GTPase regulation. Our data allow a better integration of SRβ into the scheme of protein targeting. ..
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    Wild K, Sinning I, Cusack S. Crystal structure of an early protein-RNA assembly complex of the signal recognition particle. Science. 2001;294:598-601 pubmed
    ..A model of the assembly of the SRP core comprising SRP19, SRP54, and SRP RNA based on crystallographic and biochemical data is proposed. ..
  4. Wild K, Bange G, Bozkurt G, Segnitz B, Hendricks A, Sinning I. Structural insights into the assembly of the human and archaeal signal recognition particles. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. 2010;66:295-303 pubmed publisher
    ..Differences in SRP assembly between mammalia and archaea are therefore independent of SRP19 and are based on differences in SRP RNA itself. A new SRP-assembly scheme is presented. ..
  5. Becker M, Lapouge K, Segnitz B, Wild K, Sinning I. Structures of human SRP72 complexes provide insights into SRP RNA remodeling and ribosome interaction. Nucleic Acids Res. 2017;45:470-481 pubmed publisher
    ..Docking of the S domain structure into cryo-electron microscopy density maps reveals multiple contact sites between SRP68/72 and the ribosome, and explains the role of SRP72 in the SRP pathway. ..