J Pfisterer


Affiliation: University of Kiel
Country: Germany


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    Pfisterer J, Hilpert F, Du Bois A, Meier W, Wagner U. State-of-the-art first-line treatment of ovarian cancer. Onkologie. 2003;26:446-50 pubmed
    ..All items are discussed in detail. ..
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    Pfisterer J, Harter P, Canzler U, Richter B, Jackisch C, Hahmann M, et al. The role of surgery in recurrent ovarian cancer. Int J Gynecol Cancer. 2005;15 Suppl 3:195-8 pubmed
    ..83; 95% CI: 1.16-2.88; P= 0.009). Only patients with complete resection seem to benefit from CS. This new panel of selection criteria will be evaluated in a prospective study. ..
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    Pfisterer J, Du Bois A, Sehouli J, Loibl S, Reinartz S, Reuss A, et al. The anti-idiotypic antibody abagovomab in patients with recurrent ovarian cancer. A phase I trial of the AGO-OVAR. Ann Oncol. 2006;17:1568-77 pubmed
    ..Abagovomab s.c. vaccination is safe and well tolerated. The long vaccination schedule tended to be more effective with regard to AB3-induction and cellular cytotoxicity. ..