Thomas Pfefferkorn


Affiliation: University of Munich
Country: Germany


  1. Pfefferkorn T, Crassard I, Linn J, Dichgans M, Boukobza M, Bousser M. Clinical features, course and outcome in deep cerebral venous system thrombosis: an analysis of 32 cases. J Neurol. 2009;256:1839-45 pubmed publisher
    ..While most patients stabilize and have a good recovery, progressing coma associated with poor outcome is seen in a subset of patients who may thus require other treatment options, such as endovascular therapy. ..
  2. Pfefferkorn T, Eppinger U, Linn J, Birnbaum T, Herzog J, Straube A, et al. Long-term outcome after suboccipital decompressive craniectomy for malignant cerebellar infarction. Stroke. 2009;40:3045-50 pubmed publisher
    ..Infarct- but not procedure-related early mortality is substantial. Long-term outcome in survivors is acceptable, particularly in the absence of brain stem infarction. ..
  3. Pfefferkorn T, Saam T, Rominger A, Habs M, Gerdes L, Schmidt C, et al. Vessel wall inflammation in spontaneous cervical artery dissection: a prospective, observational positron emission tomography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging study. Stroke. 2011;42:1563-8 pubmed publisher
    ..053). A subset of patients with spontaneous CAD showed signs of a generalized transient inflammatory arteriopathy in contrast-enhanced hrMRI and PET-CT. This subset of patients may be more prone to multiple dissections. ..
  4. Pfefferkorn T, Mayer T, Opherk C, Peters N, Straube A, Pfister H, et al. Staged escalation therapy in acute basilar artery occlusion: intravenous thrombolysis and on-demand consecutive endovascular mechanical thrombectomy: preliminary experience in 16 patients. Stroke. 2008;39:1496-500 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data suggest that the combination of IVT with on-demand consecutive EMT in BAO is feasible, allows for early treatment, and provides excellent recanalization rates. ..
  5. Pfefferkorn T, Feddersen B, Schulte Altedorneburg G, Linn J, Pfister H. Tick-borne encephalitis with polyradiculitis documented by MRI. Neurology. 2007;68:1232-3 pubmed
  6. Pfefferkorn T, Holtmannspotter M, Schmidt C, Bender A, Pfister H, Straube A, et al. Drip, ship, and retrieve: cooperative recanalization therapy in acute basilar artery occlusion. Stroke. 2010;41:722-6 pubmed publisher