Gian Kayser


Affiliation: University Hospital
Country: Germany


  1. Kayser G. [Non-small cell lung cancer. New biomarkers for diagnostics and therapy]. Pathologe. 2015;36 Suppl 2:189-93 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, the results contribute to a better biological understanding of NSCLC and may lead to new treatment options by targeting metabolic enzymes or triggering anti-tumor responses. ..
  2. Csanadi A, Oser A, Aumann K, Gumpp V, Rawluk J, Nestle U, et al. Overexpression of SLC1a5 in lymph node metastases outperforms assessment in the primary as a negative prognosticator in non-small cell lung cancer. Pathology. 2018;50:269-275 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, diagnostics in lymph node metastasis provide superior prognostic information for SLC1a5 overexpression and may open target prediction for future therapeutic options. ..
  3. Kayser G, Kassem A, Sienel W, Schulte Uentrop L, Mattern D, Aumann K, et al. Lactate-dehydrogenase 5 is overexpressed in non-small cell lung cancer and correlates with the expression of the transketolase-like protein 1. Diagn Pathol. 2010;5:22 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results confirm a close link between the two metabolic enzymes and indicate an alteration in the glucose metabolism in the process of malignant transformation. ..
  4. Kayser G, Schulte Uentrop L, Sienel W, Werner M, Fisch P, Passlick B, et al. Stromal CD4/CD25 positive T-cells are a strong and independent prognostic factor in non-small cell lung cancer patients, especially with adenocarcinomas. Lung Cancer. 2012;76:445-51 pubmed publisher
  5. Kayser G, Kayser K. Quantitative pathology in virtual microscopy: history, applications, perspectives. Acta Histochem. 2013;115:527-32 pubmed publisher
    ..The development and theoretical background of morphometric analyses in histopathology are reviewed, as well as their application and potential future implementation in virtual microscopy. ..
  6. Kayser G, Sienel W, Kubitz B, Mattern D, Stickeler E, Passlick B, et al. Poor outcome in primary non-small cell lung cancers is predicted by transketolase TKTL1 expression. Pathology. 2011;43:719-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Since inhibition of transketolase enzyme reactions has recently been shown to effectively suppress tumour growth, TKTL1 represents a novel pharmacodiagnostic marker. ..
  7. Kayser G, Csanadi A, Otto C, Plönes T, Bittermann N, Rawluk J, et al. Simultaneous multi-antibody staining in non-small cell lung cancer strengthens diagnostic accuracy especially in small tissue samples. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e56333 pubmed publisher
    ..Integration of immunohistochemical subtyping including investigation of neuroendocrine differentiation into standard histopathological classification of NSCLC must, therefore, be considered. ..
  8. Neumann J, Feuerhake F, Kayser G, Wiech T, Aumann K, Passlick B, et al. Gene expression profiles of lung adenocarcinoma linked to histopathological grading and survival but not to EGF-R status: a microarray study. BMC Cancer. 2010;10:77 pubmed publisher
    ..Published gene sets showed association with patient survival; however, the small sample size of this study limited the options for a comprehensive validation of previously reported prognostic gene expression signatures. ..