Research Topics

Genomes and Genes


Vladimir Kirkin


Affiliation: Merck KGaA
Country: Germany


  1. Kirkin V, McEwan D, Novak I, Dikic I. A role for ubiquitin in selective autophagy. Mol Cell. 2009;34:259-69 pubmed publisher
    ..This review explores the hypothesis that ubiquitin represents a selective degradation signal suitable for targeting various types of cargo, ranging from protein aggregates to membrane-bound organelles and microbes. ..
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    Kirkin V, Lamark T, Johansen T, Dikic I. NBR1 cooperates with p62 in selective autophagy of ubiquitinated targets. Autophagy. 2009;5:732-3 pubmed
    ..We propose that NBR1 together with p62 promotes autophagic degradation of ubiquitinated targets and simultaneously regulates their aggregation when autophagy becomes limited. ..