Research Topics

Genomes and Genes


Marily Theodoropoulou


Affiliation: Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry
Country: Germany


  1. Theodoropoulou M, Reincke M, Fassnacht M, Komada M. Decoding the genetic basis of Cushing's disease: USP8 in the spotlight. Eur J Endocrinol. 2015;173:M73-83 pubmed publisher
    ..This review presents new developments in the study of the genetics of CD and focuses on the USP8-EGFR system as trigger and target of corticotroph tumorigenesis. ..
  2. Theodoropoulou M, Stalla G. Somatostatin receptors: from signaling to clinical practice. Front Neuroendocrinol. 2013;34:228-52 pubmed publisher
    ..The ability of SSTR to internalize and the development of rabiolabeled somatostatin analogs have improved the diagnosis and treatment of neuroendocrine tumors. ..
  3. Theodoropoulou M, Tichomirowa M, Sievers C, Yassouridis A, Arzberger T, Hougrand O, et al. Tumor ZAC1 expression is associated with the response to somatostatin analog therapy in patients with acromegaly. Int J Cancer. 2009;125:2122-6 pubmed publisher
    ..These in vivo data combined with the antiproliferative properties of ZAC1/Zac1 provide evidence of a mechanistic role for this transcription factor on SSA induced tumor shrinkage and hormone normalization. ..
  4. Theodoropoulou M, Stalla G, Spengler D. ZAC1 target genes and pituitary tumorigenesis. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2010;326:60-5 pubmed publisher
    ..In fact Zac1 is an essential mediator of the antiproliferative effects of this treatment and correlates to successful outcome in acromegalic patients. ..