T N Dear


Affiliation: Max-Planck Institute of Immunobiology
Country: Germany


  1. Dear T, Moller A, Boehm T. CAPN11: A calpain with high mRNA levels in testis and located on chromosome 6. Genomics. 1999;59:243-7 pubmed
    ..The discovery of this new calpain emphasizes the complexity of the calpain family, with members being distinguished on the basis of protease activity, calcium dependence, and tissue expression. ..
  2. Dear T, Boehm T. Diverse mRNA expression patterns of the mouse calpain genes Capn5, Capn6 and Capn11 during development. Mech Dev. 1999;89:201-9 pubmed
    ..Capn11 mRNA is restricted exclusively to spermatocytes and only during the later stages of meiosis. ..
  3. Dear T, Meier N, Hunn M, Boehm T. Gene structure, chromosomal localization, and expression pattern of Capn12, a new member of the calpain large subunit gene family. Genomics. 2000;68:152-60 pubmed
    ..4 cM. Refined mapping of Capn5, also previously localized to chromosome 7, indicated that it was not closely linked to Capn12, mapping tightly linked to a marker positioned at 48.5 cM. ..