Research Topics


F Bartel


Affiliation: Martin Luther University
Country: Germany


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    Bartel F, Meye A, Wurl P, Kappler M, Bache M, Lautenschlager C, et al. Amplification of the MDM2 gene, but not expression of splice variants of MDM2 MRNA, is associated with prognosis in soft tissue sarcoma. Int J Cancer. 2001;95:168-75 pubmed
    ..01, chi(2) test). Although the presence of spliced forms was associated with late-stage tumor phenotypes (p = 0.05, chi(2) test), we observed no relationship between the presence of splice variants and patient outcome. ..
  2. Bartel F, Jung J, Böhnke A, Gradhand E, Zeng K, Thomssen C, et al. Both germ line and somatic genetics of the p53 pathway affect ovarian cancer incidence and survival. Clin Cancer Res. 2008;14:89-96 pubmed publisher
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    Bartel F, Schulz J, Böhnke A, Blümke K, Kappler M, Bache M, et al. Significance of HDMX-S (or MDM4) mRNA splice variant overexpression and HDMX gene amplification on primary soft tissue sarcoma prognosis. Int J Cancer. 2005;117:469-75 pubmed
    ..In summary, our data indicate that both the overexpression of the HDMX-S transcript as well as HDMX gene amplification are important prognostic markers for STS. ..