T H Klink


Country: Germany


  1. Klink T, Schrey S, Elsesser U, Klink J, Schlunck G, Grehn F. Interobserver variability of the Würzburg bleb classification score. Ophthalmologica. 2008;222:408-13 pubmed publisher
    ..86 corkscrew vessels, +0.84 encapsulation, +0.77 bleb height, +0.76 microcysts and +0.90 total score. The WBCS is a bleb morphology score with high levels of interobserver consistency and absolute agreement in clinical practice. ..
  2. Klink T, Panidou E, Kanzow Terai B, Klink J, Schlunck G, Grehn F. Are there filtering blebs after canaloplasty?. J Glaucoma. 2012;21:89-94 pubmed publisher
    ..Filtering blebs occur rarely after canaloplasty. In canaloplasty, IOP reduction seems to be independent of subconjunctival aqueous drainage, thus, avoiding the problems of conjunctival scarring. ..