Anne Karoline Ebert


Affiliation: Klinik St. Hedwig
Country: Germany


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    Ebert A, Vogt T, Rösch W. [Topical therapy of balanitis xerotica obliterans in childhood. Long-term clinical results and an overview]. Urologe A. 2007;46:1682-6 pubmed
    ..Follow-up monitoring should be close, so that any relapse can be detected and treated as early as possible...
  2. Ebert A, Bals Pratsch M, Seifert B, Reutter H, Rösch W. Genital and reproductive function in males after functional reconstruction of the exstrophy-epispadias complex--long-term results. Urology. 2008;72:566-9; discussion 569-70 pubmed publisher
    ..According to the limited available data, early exstrophy reconstruction, as well as recurrent infectious or operative trauma, have been responsible for the low fertility rates...
  3. Ebert A, Schott G, Bals Pratsch M, Seifert B, Rösch W. Long-term follow-up of male patients after reconstruction of the bladder-exstrophy-epispadias complex: psychosocial status, continence, renal and genital function. J Pediatr Urol. 2010;6:6-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Adult male BEEC patients were investigated in respect of bladder and renal function, fertility, genital function and psychosocial facts...
  4. Ebert A, Reutter H, Ludwig M, Rösch W. The exstrophy-epispadias complex. Orphanet J Rare Dis. 2009;4:23 pubmed publisher
    ..In puberty, genital and reproductive function are important issues. Psychosocial and psychosexual outcome depend on long-term multidisciplinary care to facilitate an adequate quality of life...