Klaus Schughart


Affiliation: Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research
Country: Germany


  1. Kollmus H, Pilzner C, Leist S, Heise M, Geffers R, Schughart K. Of mice and men: the host response to influenza virus infection. Mamm Genome. 2018;29:446-470 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, mouse studies allow confirmation of findings in humans in a well-controlled experimental system adding enormous value to the understanding of expression and function of human candidate genes. ..
  2. Leist S, Pilzner C, van den Brand J, Dengler L, Geffers R, Kuiken T, et al. Influenza H3N2 infection of the collaborative cross founder strains reveals highly divergent host responses and identifies a unique phenotype in CAST/EiJ mice. BMC Genomics. 2016;17:143 pubmed publisher
    ..The unique phenotype combination in the CAST/EiJ strain resembles human leukocyte adhesion deficiency and may thus represent a new mouse model to understand this and related abnormal immune responses to infections in humans. ..
  3. Nedelko T, Kollmus H, Klawonn F, Spijker S, Lu L, HeƟman M, et al. Distinct gene loci control the host response to influenza H1N1 virus infection in a time-dependent manner. BMC Genomics. 2012;13:411 pubmed publisher
    ..We highlight candidate genes in the respective intervals and review their possible biological function during infection. ..
  4. Wilk E, Pandey A, Leist S, Hatesuer B, Preusse M, Pommerenke C, et al. RNAseq expression analysis of resistant and susceptible mice after influenza A virus infection identifies novel genes associated with virus replication and important for host resistance to infection. BMC Genomics. 2015;16:655 pubmed publisher
    ..This study adds further important knowledge to host-pathogen-interactions and suggests additional candidates that are crucial for host susceptibility or survival during influenza A infections. ..