E Knust


Affiliation: Heinrich Heine University
Country: Germany


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    Knust E. Drosophila morphogenesis: movements behind the edge. Curr Biol. 1997;7:R558-61 pubmed
    ..Coordinated cell movements during development require extensive exchange of information between the cells involved. Recent results suggest a connection between two signalling pathways during dorsal closure in the Drosophila embryo. ..
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    Knust E. Control of epithelial cell shape and polarity. Curr Opin Genet Dev. 2000;10:471-5 pubmed
    ..Recent data have provided new insights into the molecular nature of these cues and the mechanisms by which they may be translated into a polarised phenotype. ..
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    Knust E. G protein signaling and asymmetric cell division. Cell. 2001;107:125-8 pubmed
    ..Receptor-independent activation of heterotrimeric G proteins by the Drosophila GoLoco protein Partner of Inscuteable seems to represent a novel mechanism to control these events. ..
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    Knust E, Bossinger O. Composition and formation of intercellular junctions in epithelial cells. Science. 2002;298:1955-9 pubmed
    ..Comparisons between fly, worm, and vertebrate epithelia reveal marked similarities with respect to the molecules used, and pronounced differences in the organization of the junctions themselves. ..