Matthias Oelke


Affiliation: Hannover Medical School
Country: Germany


  1. Oelke M, Murgas S, Baumann I, Schnabel F, Michel M. Efficacy of propiverine ER with or without α-blockers related to maximum urinary flow rate in adult men with OAB: results of a 12-week, multicenter, non-interventional study. World J Urol. 2011;29:217-23 pubmed publisher
    ..In men with reduced Q(max), IPSS improvement is significantly smaller with MT. The incidence of urinary retention during propiverine ER treatment is low. ..
  2. Oelke M, Adler E, Marschall Kehrel D, Herrmann T, Berges R. Nocturia: state of the art and critical analysis of current assessment and treatment strategies. World J Urol. 2014;32:1109-17 pubmed publisher
    ..g., ICIQ-N or N-Qol) in all future studies in patients with LUTS/BPH and nocturia. ..
  3. Oelke M, Speakman M, Desgrandchamps F, Mamoulakis C. Acute Urinary Retention Rates in the General Male Population and in Adult Men With Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Participating in Pharmacotherapy Trials: A Literature Review. Urology. 2015;86:654-65 pubmed publisher
  4. Gacci M, Saleh O, Giannessi C, Detti B, Livi L, Monteleone Pasquetti E, et al. Sodium hyaluronate and chondroitin sulfate replenishment therapy can improve nocturia in men with post-radiation cystitis: results of a prospective pilot study. BMC Urol. 2015;15:65 pubmed publisher
    ..Randomized, controlled trials with sham treatment are needed to confirm our result. ..
  5. Oelke M, Rademakers K, van Koeveringe G. Unravelling detrusor underactivity: Development of a bladder outlet resistance-Bladder contractility nomogram for adult male patients with lower urinary tract symptoms. Neurourol Urodyn. 2016;35:980-986 pubmed publisher
    ..Higher age, bladder capacity, and PVR as well as lower voiding efficiency indicate DU. Neurourol. Urodynam. 35:980-986, 2016. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. ..
  6. Oelke M, Martinelli E. [Pharmacological treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia]. Urologe A. 2016;55:81-94; quiz 95-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Combination therapy with PDE5-I (tadalafil) plus 5ARI (finasteride) reduces LUTS more substantially than 5ARI alone and, additionally, PDE5-Is reduce the sexual side effects during 5ARI treatment. ..
  7. Rademakers K, van Koeveringe G, Oelke M. Ultrasound detrusor wall thickness measurement in combination with bladder capacity can safely detect detrusor underactivity in adult men. World J Urol. 2017;35:153-159 pubmed publisher
    ..23 mm + bladder capacity >445 ml have DU. Combination of these two tests could help physicians to diagnose DU noninvasively in clinical practice. A prospective independent study should confirm these results. ..