B Mohammadi


Affiliation: Hannover Medical School
Country: Germany


  1. Mohammadi B, Buhr N, Bigalke H, Krampfl K, Dengler R, Kollewe K. A long-term follow-up of botulinum toxin A in cervical dystonia. Neurol Res. 2009;31:463-6 pubmed publisher
    ..4). Adverse events were mild and similar for both products. Fewer than 2% of the patients developed neutralizing antibodies. These data confirm the efficacy and safety of BoNT-A treatment in CD over an extended period of up to 14 years. ..
  2. Mohammadi B, Mitrovic N, Lehmann Horn F, Dengler R, Bufler J. Mechanisms of cold sensitivity of paramyotonia congenita mutation R1448H and overlap syndrome mutation M1360V. J Physiol. 2003;547:691-8 pubmed
    ..The window current by mutation R1448H was increased at lower temperatures. The results of this study may explain the stronger cold-induced clinical symptoms resulting from the R1448H mutation in contrast to the M1360V mutation...
  3. Mohammadi B, Balouch S, Dengler R, Kollewe K. Long-term treatment of spasticity with botulinum toxin type A: an analysis of 1221 treatments in 137 patients. Neurol Res. 2010;32:309-13 pubmed publisher
    ..Spasticity is a complex disorder that causes significant disability in affected patients. We here present long-term results of botulinum toxin type A (BoNT-A) treatment in spasticity of various etiologies in the upper and lower limbs...