Verena A Katzke


Affiliation: German Cancer Research Center
Country: Germany


  1. Romaguera D, Ward H, Wark P, Vergnaud A, Peeters P, van Gils C, et al. Pre-diagnostic concordance with the WCRF/AICR guidelines and survival in European colorectal cancer patients: a cohort study. BMC Med. 2015;13:107 pubmed publisher
    ..Greater concordance with the WCRF/AICR recommendations on diet, physical activity, and body fatness prior to CRC diagnosis is associated with improved survival among CRC patients. ..
  2. Landais E, Moskal A, Mullee A, Nicolas G, Gunter M, Huybrechts I, et al. Coffee and Tea Consumption and the Contribution of Their Added Ingredients to Total Energy and Nutrient Intakes in 10 European Countries: Benchmark Data from the Late 1990s. Nutrients. 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..Coffee and tea intake and their contribution to energy and sugar intake differed greatly among European adults. Variation in consumption was mostly driven by geographical region. ..
  3. Barth S, Kaaks R, Johnson T, Katzke V, Gellhaus K, Schulze J, et al. The Ratio of Regulatory (FOXP3+) to Total (CD3+) T Cells Determined by Epigenetic Cell Counting and Cardiovascular Disease Risk: A Prospective Case-cohort Study in Non-diabetics. EBioMedicine. 2016;11:151-156 pubmed publisher
    ..Among middle-aged adults from the general population, imbalances in the relative frequency of Tregs within the total T cell compartment do not confer an increased risk of MI or stroke. ..
  4. Merritt M, Riboli E, Murphy N, Kadi M, Tjønneland A, Olsen A, et al. Reproductive factors and risk of mortality in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition; a cohort study. BMC Med. 2015;13:252 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings may contribute to the development of improved strategies to promote better long-term health in women. ..