Tony Bruns


Affiliation: Friedrich Schiller University
Country: Germany


  1. Casper M, Mengel M, Fuhrmann C, Herrmann E, Appenrodt B, Schiedermaier P, et al. The INCA trial (Impact of NOD2 genotype-guided antibiotic prevention on survival in patients with liver Cirrhosis and Ascites): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials. 2015;16:83 pubmed publisher
    ..German Clinical Trials Register DRKS00005616 . Registered 22 January 2014. EU Clinical Trials Register EudraCT 2013-001626-26 . Registered 26 January 2015. ..
  2. Bruns T, Zimmermann H, Pachnio A, Li K, Trivedi P, Reynolds G, et al. CMV infection of human sinusoidal endothelium regulates hepatic T cell recruitment and activation. J Hepatol. 2015;63:38-49 pubmed publisher
    ..The ability of infected hepatic endothelium to recruit distinct functional CD4 T cell subsets shows how HCMV facilitates hepatic inflammation and immune activation and may simultaneously favor virus persistence. ..
  3. Peter J, Frey O, Stallmach A, Bruns T. Attenuated antigen-specific T cell responses in cirrhosis are accompanied by elevated serum interleukin-10 levels and down-regulation of HLA-DR on monocytes. BMC Gastroenterol. 2013;13:37 pubmed publisher
    ..These changes are likely to contribute to altered adaptive immune responses during infection or after vaccination. ..
  4. Bruns T, Peter J, Hagel S, Herrmann A, Stallmach A. The augmented neutrophil respiratory burst in response to Escherichia coli is reduced in liver cirrhosis during infection. Clin Exp Immunol. 2011;164:346-56 pubmed publisher
    ..Augmented ROS release in response to E. coli is accompanied by elevated markers of oxidative damage and becomes exhausted in the presence of infection. ..
  5. Mai M, Stengel S, Al Herwi E, Peter J, Schmidt C, Rubio I, et al. Genetic variants of TRAF6 modulate peritoneal immunity and the risk of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in cirrhosis: A combined prospective-retrospective study. Sci Rep. 2017;7:4914 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, genetic polymorphisms of TRAF6 are associated with decreased peritoneal immune activation and an increased risk of SBP. ..