Thomas Josef Vogl


Affiliation: Frankfurt am Main
Country: Germany


  1. Vogl T, Gruber Rouh T. HCC: Transarterial Therapies-What the Interventional Radiologist Can Offer. Dig Dis Sci. 2019;: pubmed publisher
  2. Albrecht M, Varga Szemes A, Schoepf U, Nance J, De Cecco C, De Santis D, et al. Diagnostic Accuracy of Noncontrast Self-navigated Free-breathing MR Angiography versus CT Angiography: A Prospective Study in Pediatric Patients with Suspected Anomalous Coronary Arteries. Acad Radiol. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..Noncontrast SN3D-MRA is highly accurate for the detection of coronary artery anomalies in pediatric patients while diagnostic confidence and coronary artery visualization remain superior with CTA. ..
  3. Lenga L, Czwikla R, Wichmann J, Leithner D, Albrecht M, Booz C, et al. Dual-energy CT in patients with colorectal cancer: Improved assessment of hypoattenuating liver metastases using noise-optimized virtual monoenergetic imaging. Eur J Radiol. 2018;106:184-191 pubmed publisher
    ..Best lesion delineation can be achieved at 40-keV VMI+. ..
  4. Wörtge D, Moll J, Krozer V, Bazrafshan B, Hübner F, Park C, et al. Comparison of X-ray-Mammography and Planar UWB Microwave Imaging of the Breast: First Results from a Patient Study. Diagnostics (Basel). 2018;8: pubmed publisher
    ..Preliminary results from a patient study are presented and discussed showing the ability of the proposed system to locate the tumor. ..
  5. Albrecht M, De Cecco C, Schoepf U, Spandorfer A, Eid M, De Santis D, et al. Dual-energy CT of the heart current and future status. Eur J Radiol. 2018;105:110-118 pubmed publisher
    ..This review article will summarize the major applications utilizing DECT in diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, including both the clinically used and investigational techniques examined to date. ..
  6. Albrecht M, Bickford M, Schoepf U, Tesche C, De Santis D, Eid M, et al. Beam-hardening in 70-kV Coronary CT angiography: Artifact reduction using an advanced post-processing algorithm. Eur J Radiol. 2018;101:111-117 pubmed publisher
    ..217). The iBHC post-processing algorithm leads to significantly reduced beam-hardening while providing improved objective and equivalent subjective image quality in 70-kV cCTA. ..
  7. Vogl T, Naguib N, Nour Eldin N, Eichler K, Zangos S, Gruber Rouh T. Transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) with mitomycin C and gemcitabine for liver metastases in breast cancer. Eur Radiol. 2010;20:173-80 pubmed publisher
    ..3 months, and with a combination of mitomycin-C and gemcitabine 24.8 and 35.5 months. TACE is an optional therapy for treatment of liver metastases in breast cancer patients with better results from the combined chemotherapy protocol. ..
  8. Vogl T, Gruber T, Naguib N, Hammerstingl R, Nour Eldin N. Liver metastases of neuroendocrine tumors: treatment with hepatic transarterial chemotherapy using two therapeutic protocols. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2009;193:941-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Transarterial hepatic chemotherapy using mitomycin C and gemcitabine can be an effective therapeutic protocol for controlling local metastases and improving survival time in patients with hepatic metastases from neuroendocrine tumors. ..
  9. Beeres M, Trommer J, Frellesen C, Nour Eldin N, Scholtz J, Herrmann E, et al. Evaluation of different keV-settings in dual-energy CT angiography of the aorta using advanced image-based virtual monoenergetic imaging. Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2016;32:137-44 pubmed publisher
    ..1). MEI+ shows lower image noise compared to MEI, resulting in superior quantitative image quality, in particular at low keV levels (40 or 50 keV). ..

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  1. Nour Eldin N, Alsubhi M, Emam A, Lehnert T, Beeres M, Jacobi V, et al. Pneumothorax Complicating Coaxial and Non-coaxial CT-Guided Lung Biopsy: Comparative Analysis of Determining Risk Factors and Management of Pneumothorax in a Retrospective Review of 650 Patients. Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol. 2016;39:261-70 pubmed publisher
  2. Vogl T, Schaefer P, Lehnert T, Nour Eldin N, Ackermann H, Mbalisike E, et al. Intraprocedural blood volume measurement using C-arm CT as a predictor for treatment response of malignant liver tumours undergoing repetitive transarterial chemoembolization (TACE). Eur Radiol. 2016;26:755-63 pubmed publisher
    ..Parenchymal blood volume can monitor the response of tumours after transarterial chemoembolization. Although not significant, high initial parenchymal blood volume yields better response to TACE. ..
  3. Paul J, Vogl T, Chacko A. Dual energy computed tomography thermometry during hepatic microwave ablation in an ex-vivo porcine model. Phys Med. 2015;31:683-91 pubmed publisher
    ..Microwave thermal sensitivity on tissue was inversely linear with DECT image datasets. Heating phase showed higher influence of temperature on HU compared to cooling; ARC and ablation-region were increased with increase in temperature. ..
  4. Vogl T, Schulz B, Bauer R, Stover T, Sader R, Tawfik A. Dual-energy CT applications in head and neck imaging. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2012;199:S34-9 pubmed publisher
    ..As with other body regions, both image fusion and material characterization dual-energy applications can be used for head and neck imaging. Early results are promising, and further research is encouraged. ..
  5. Vogl T, Naguib N, Nour Eldin N, Bechstein W, Zeuzem S, Trojan J, et al. Transarterial chemoembolization in the treatment of patients with unresectable cholangiocarcinoma: Results and prognostic factors governing treatment success. Int J Cancer. 2012;131:733-40 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, TACE is a palliative and safe treatment option for patients with unresectable CCC. Child Pugh class B, tumor hypovascularity and initially progressive disease were poor prognostic factors for patient survival. ..
  6. Vogl T, Lammer J, Lencioni R, Malagari K, Watkinson A, Pilleul F, et al. Liver, gastrointestinal, and cardiac toxicity in intermediate hepatocellular carcinoma treated with PRECISION TACE with drug-eluting beads: results from the PRECISION V randomized trial. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2011;197:W562-70 pubmed publisher
    ..71-7.3; p = 0.018). PRECISION TACE with DEB loaded with doxorubicin offers a safe therapy option for intermediate-stage HCC, even in patients with more advanced liver disease. ..
  7. Vogl T, Naguib N, Zangos S, Eichler K, Hedayati A, Nour Eldin N. Liver metastases of neuroendocrine carcinomas: interventional treatment via transarterial embolization, chemoembolization and thermal ablation. Eur J Radiol. 2009;72:517-28 pubmed publisher
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    Vogl T, Proschek D, Schwarz W, Mack M, Hochmuth K. CT-guided percutaneous vertebroplasty in the therapy of vertebral compression fractures. Eur Radiol. 2006;16:797-803 pubmed
    ..CT-guidance is a reasonable upgrade in the treatment procedure which reduces the amount of bone-cement leakage. ..
  9. Vogl T, Lahrsow M, Albrecht M, Hammerstingl R, Thompson Z, Gruber Rouh T. Survival of patients with non-resectable, chemotherapy-resistant colorectal cancer liver metastases undergoing conventional lipiodol-based transarterial chemoembolization (cTACE) palliatively versus neoadjuvantly prior to percutaneous thermal ablatio. Eur J Radiol. 2018;102:138-145 pubmed publisher
    ..021). cTACE is an effective treatment option in advanced non-resectable CRLM. Chemoembolization followed by ablation further increases survival rates. A triple combination of chemotherapeutics improves response to cTACE. ..
  10. Vogl T, Oppermann E, Qian J, Imlau U, Tran A, Hamidavi Y, et al. Transarterial chemoembolization of hepatocellular carcinoma in a rat model: the effect of additional injection of survivin siRNA to the treatment protocol. BMC Cancer. 2016;16:325 pubmed publisher
    ..0001). The additional injection of Survivin siRNA to the routine TACE protocol increased the inhibition of the hepatocellular carcinoma growth in a rat animal model compared to regular TACE protocol. ..
  11. Vogl T, Eichler K, Marzi I, Wutzler S, Zacharowski K, Frellessen C. [Imaging techniques in modern trauma diagnostics]. Unfallchirurg. 2017;120:417-431 pubmed publisher
    ..For the individual case interventional therapy methods can be added. Based on current data and on the Frankfurt experience the current diagnostic concepts of trauma diagnostics are presented. ..
  12. Vogl T, Qian J, Tran A, Oppermann E, Naguib N, Korkusuz H, et al. Study on the effect of chemoembolization combined with microwave ablation for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma in rats. Diagn Interv Radiol. 2017;23:150-155 pubmed publisher
  13. Albrecht M, Bodelle B, Varga Szemes A, Dewes P, Bucher A, Ball B, et al. Intra-individual comparison of CAIPIRINHA VIBE technique with conventional VIBE sequences in contrast-enhanced MRI of focal liver lesions. Eur J Radiol. 2017;86:20-25 pubmed publisher
    ..Additionally, this technique allows for higher inter-observer agreement when reporting focal liver lesions for both dignity and allocation. ..
  14. Clemen C, Benderoth G, Schmidt A, Hübner F, Vogl T, Silber G. Human skeletal muscle behavior in vivo: Finite element implementation, experiment, and passive mechanical characterization. J Mech Behav Biomed Mater. 2017;65:679-687 pubmed publisher
    ..However, for a valid, activatable, general-purpose material characterization, the material model needs some modifications as well as a multicriteria optimization of the force-displacement data for different loading modes. ..
  15. Hoffner M, Huebner F, Scholtz J, Zangos S, Schulz B, Luboldt W, et al. Impact of an endorectal coil for 1H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the prostate at 3.0T in comparison to 1.5T: Do we need an endorectal coil?. Eur J Radiol. 2016;85:1432-8 pubmed publisher
    ..0T. Less voxels at 3.0T with disabled ERC are suitable for diagnosis compared to 1.5T with ERC. MRSI at 3.0T with ERC shows the highest SNR. SNR in dorsal quadrants of the prostate was higher using ERC. ..
  16. Luboldt W, Wiedemann B, Fischer S, Bodelle B, Luboldt H, Grünwald F, et al. Focal colorectal uptake in (18)FDG-PET/CT: maximum standard uptake value as a trigger in a semi-automated screening setting. Eur J Med Res. 2016;21:2 pubmed publisher
    ..Cases with SUVmax <5 should be assessed individually before referral for endoscopy. Thus, more interpretation time could be spent on those cases with a lower uptake and more ambiguous diagnosis. ..
  17. Vogl T, Naguib N, Gruber Rouh T, Koitka K, Lehnert T, Nour Eldin N. Microwave ablation therapy: clinical utility in treatment of pulmonary metastases. Radiology. 2011;261:643-51 pubmed publisher
    ..The efficacy of the treatment is primarily determined by preablation tumor size and location in relation to the hilum. ..
  18. Vogl T, Zeuzem S, Zangos S, Hammerstingl R. [Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) from a radiological and gastroenterological perspective]. Dtsch Med Wochenschr. 2009;134:1011-4 pubmed publisher
    ..MRCP is integrated in the preinterventional concept for performing invasive endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) and for follow-up post intervention and for diagnosing complications. ..
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    Vogl T, Zangos S, Heller M, Hammerstingl R, Böcher E, Jacob U, et al. [Transarterial chemoperfusion with gemcitabine and mitomycin C in pancreatic carcinoma: results in locally recurrent tumors and advanced tumor stages]. Rofo. 2007;179:1181-8 pubmed
    ..It may be considered as an important aspect in palliative symptomatic pain-relieving treatment, or may even result in improved survival by achieving tumor response. ..
  20. Vogl T, Eichler K, Marzi I, Wutzler S, Zacharowski K, Frellessen C. [Imaging techniques in modern trauma diagnostics]. Radiologe. 2017;57:853-868 pubmed publisher
    ..For the individual case interventional therapy methods can be added. Based on current data and on the Frankfurt experience the current diagnostic concepts of trauma diagnostics are presented. ..
  21. Vogl T, Eichler K, Marzi I, Wutzler S, Zacharowski K, Frellessen C. [Imaging techniques in modern trauma diagnostics]. Med Klin Intensivmed Notfmed. 2017;112:643-657 pubmed publisher
    ..For the individual case interventional therapy methods can be added. Based on current data and on the Frankfurt experience the current diagnostic concepts of trauma diagnostics are presented. ..
  22. Vogl T, Albrecht M, Nour Eldin N, Ackermann H, Maataoui A, Stöver T, et al. Assessment of salivary gland tumors using MRI and CT: impact of experience on diagnostic accuracy. Radiol Med. 2018;123:105-116 pubmed publisher
    ..001), and the lowest between R1 and R3 at MRI (κ = 0.28, p < 0.001). Diagnostic accuracy in the assessment of salivary gland tumors strongly depends on the observer's expertise and increases with higher experience. ..