M Gautel


Affiliation: European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Country: Germany


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    Gautel M, Goulding D. A molecular map of titin/connectin elasticity reveals two different mechanisms acting in series. FEBS Lett. 1996;385:11-4 pubmed
    ..Above 2.6 micron, length changes are increasingly due to the PEVK-rich regions. We therefore propose that rubber-like properties of the PEVK-rich regions are mainly contributing to skeletal titin elasticity. ..
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    Gautel M, Fürst D, Cocco A, Schiaffino S. Isoform transitions of the myosin binding protein C family in developing human and mouse muscles: lack of isoform transcomplementation in cardiac muscle. Circ Res. 1998;82:124-9 pubmed
    ..This suggests that transcomplementation of MyBP-C isoforms is possible in skeletal but not cardiac muscle. ..