Research Topics

Isabelle Tardieux


Country: France


  1. Tardieux I, Baum J. Reassessing the mechanics of parasite motility and host-cell invasion. J Cell Biol. 2016;214:507-15 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we integrate old and new insights toward refining the current model for the function of this motor with the aim of revitalizing interest in the mechanics of how these deadly pathogens move. ..
  2. Soleilhac E, Brillet Guéguen L, Roussel V, Prudent R, Touquet B, Dass S, et al. Specific Targeting of Plant and Apicomplexa Parasite Tubulin through Differential Screening Using In Silico and Assay-Based Approaches. Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19: pubmed publisher
    ..gondii and P. falciparum. These results highlight the potential of novel herbicidal scaffolds in the design of urgently needed anti-parasitic drugs. ..
  3. Lagal V, Dinis M, Cannella D, Bargieri D, Gonzalez V, Andenmatten N, et al. AMA1-deficient Toxoplasma gondii parasites transiently colonize mice and trigger an innate immune response that leads to long-lasting protective immunity. Infect Immun. 2015;83:2475-86 pubmed publisher
    ..gondii genotypes. While AMA1 is definitively not an essential protein for tachyzoite entry and multiplication in host cells, it clearly assists the expansion of parasite population in vivo. ..
  4. Pavlou G, Biesaga M, Touquet B, Lagal V, Balland M, Dufour A, et al. Toxoplasma Parasite Twisting Motion Mechanically Induces Host Cell Membrane Fission to Complete Invasion within a Protective Vacuole. Cell Host Microbe. 2018;24:81-96.e5 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, this study reveals that the parasite nanodevice functions as a molecular trigger to promote PV membrane remodeling and rapid onset of T. gondii to intracellular lifestyle. ..
  5. Bichet M, Joly C, Henni A, Guilbert T, Xémard M, Tafani V, et al. The toxoplasma-host cell junction is anchored to the cell cortex to sustain parasite invasive force. BMC Biol. 2014;12:773 pubmed publisher
    ..This kinematic analysis newly highlights that to invade cells parasites need to engage their motor with the junction molecular complex where force is efficiently applied only upon proper anchorage to the host cell membrane and cortex. ..
  6. Bichet M, Touquet B, Gonzalez V, Florent I, Meissner M, Tardieux I. Genetic impairment of parasite myosin motors uncovers the contribution of host cell membrane dynamics to Toxoplasma invasion forces. BMC Biol. 2016;14:97 pubmed
    ..In this light, evolutionary shaping of myosin A with fast motor activity could have contributed to optimize the invasive potential of Toxoplasma tachyzoites and thereby their fitness. ..
  7. Tardieux I. Actin Nanobodies Uncover the Mystery of Actin Filament Dynamics in Toxoplasma gondii. Trends Parasitol. 2017;33:579-581 pubmed publisher
    ..Using actin chromobodies, Periz et al. started to unveil how networks of dynamic F-actin connect Toxoplasma progeny and expand in the replicative vacuole. ..