Christian Sardet


Country: France


  1. Sardet C, McDougall A, Yasuo H, Chenevert J, Pruliere G, Dumollard R, et al. Embryological methods in ascidians: the Villefranche-sur-Mer protocols. Methods Mol Biol. 2011;770:365-400 pubmed publisher
    ..We detail the experimental manipulations which we have used to understand the structure and role of the egg cortex and of specific blastomeres during development...
  2. Sardet C, Paix A, Prodon F, Dru P, Chenevert J. From oocyte to 16-cell stage: cytoplasmic and cortical reorganizations that pattern the ascidian embryo. Dev Dyn. 2007;236:1716-31 pubmed
    ..A large collection of films illustrating the reorganizations can be consulted by clicking on "Film archive: ascidian eggs and embryos" at ..
  3. Sardet C, Prodon F, Dumollard R, Chang P, Chenevert J. Structure and function of the egg cortex from oogenesis through fertilization. Dev Biol. 2002;241:1-23 pubmed
  4. Sardet C, Nishida H, Prodon F, Sawada K. Maternal mRNAs of PEM and macho 1, the ascidian muscle determinant, associate and move with a rough endoplasmic reticulum network in the egg cortex. Development. 2003;130:5839-49 pubmed
    ..A multimedia BioClip 'Polarity inside the egg cortex' tells the story and can be downloaded at