Research Topics

Jean Daniel Lalau


Affiliation: place Victor-Pauchet
Country: France


  1. Lalau J. Lactic acidosis induced by metformin: incidence, management and prevention. Drug Saf. 2010;33:727-40 pubmed publisher
    ..The implications of these contraindications are discussed. ..
  2. Lalau J, Kajbaf F, Bennis Y, Hurtel Lemaire A, Belpaire F, De Broe M. Metformin Treatment in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 3A, 3B, or 4. Diabetes Care. 2018;41:547-553 pubmed publisher
    ..Provided that the dose is adjusted for renal function, metformin treatment appears to be safe and still pharmacologically efficacious in moderate-to-severe CKD. ..
  3. Kajbaf F, De Broe M, Lalau J. Therapeutic Concentrations of Metformin: A Systematic Review. Clin Pharmacokinet. 2016;55:439-59 pubmed publisher