Philippe Lehours


Country: France


  1. Giraud J, Bouriez D, Seeneevassen L, Rousseau B, Sifré E, Giese A, et al. Orthotopic Patient-Derived Xenografts of Gastric Cancer to Decipher Drugs Effects on Cancer Stem Cells and Metastatic Dissemination. Cancers (Basel). 2019;11: pubmed publisher
    ..These new preclinical models offer the opportunity to study the anti-metastatic efficiency of new CSC-based therapeutic strategies. ..
  2. Lauener F, Imkamp F, Lehours P, Buissonnière A, Benejat L, Zbinden R, et al. Genetic Determinants and Prediction of Antibiotic Resistance Phenotypes in Helicobacter pylori. J Clin Med. 2019;8: pubmed publisher
    ..All 140 H. pylori isolates analysed in this study were susceptible to tetracycline, which was in accordance with the absence of double or triple nucleotide substitutions in the 16S rRNA gene. ..
  3. Lehours P. Actual diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection. Minerva Gastroenterol Dietol. 2018;64:267-279 pubmed publisher
    ..The present paper presents the main diagnostic tests available today for a modern diagnosis of this bacterial infection discovered over thirty years ago. ..
  4. Benejat L, Sifré E, Domingues Martins C, Ducournau A, Buissonnière A, Bessède E, et al. Epidemiologic cutoff values to separate wild-type from non-wild-type Campylobacter fetus to ciprofloxacin. Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis. 2018;92:164-167 pubmed publisher
    ..5 mg/l. ..
  5. Fabre A, Oleastro M, Nunes A, Santos A, Sifré E, Ducournau A, et al. Whole-Genome Sequence Analysis of Multidrug-Resistant Campylobacter Isolates: a Focus on Aminoglycoside Resistance Determinants. J Clin Microbiol. 2018;56: pubmed publisher
  6. Sifré E, Salha B, Ducournau A, Floch P, Chardon H, Mégraud F, et al. EUCAST recommendations for antimicrobial susceptibility testing applied to the three main Campylobacter species isolated in humans. J Microbiol Methods. 2015;119:206-13 pubmed publisher
    ..jejuni and C. coli ECOFFs for ciprofloxacin however cannot be applied to C. fetus. We also provide data to categorise two 2 β-lactams of interest for systemic diseases, ampicillin and amoxicillin+clavulanate, for the three species. ..
  7. Floch P, Megraud F, Lehours P. Helicobacter pylori Strains and Gastric MALT Lymphoma. Toxins (Basel). 2017;9: pubmed publisher
  8. Floch P, Izotte J, Guillemaud J, Sifré E, Costet P, Rousseau B, et al. A New Animal Model of Gastric Lymphomagenesis: APRIL Transgenic Mice Infected by Helicobacter Species. Am J Pathol. 2017;187:1473-1484 pubmed publisher
    ..We believe that APRIL Tg mice infected by Helicobacter species may represent a novel animal model of gastric lymphomagenesis. ..