T Jagla


Country: France


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    Jagla K, Frasch M, Jagla T, Dretzen G, Bellard F, Bellard M. ladybird, a new component of the cardiogenic pathway in Drosophila required for diversification of heart precursors. Development. 1997;124:3471-9 pubmed
    ..These events result in a diversification of heart cell identities within each segment. ..
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    Jagla T, Bellard F, Lutz Y, Dretzen G, Bellard M, Jagla K. ladybird determines cell fate decisions during diversification of Drosophila somatic muscles. Development. 1998;125:3699-708 pubmed
    ..Altogether our results provide new insights into the genetic control of diversification of muscle precursors and indicate a further similarity between the myogenic and neurogenic pathways. ..