Genomes and Genes

Valerie Gaudin


Affiliation: Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
Country: France


  1. Del Prete S, Mikulski P, Schubert D, Gaudin V. One, Two, Three: Polycomb Proteins Hit All Dimensions of Gene Regulation. Genes (Basel). 2015;6:520-42 pubmed publisher
  2. Molitor A, Latrasse D, Zytnicki M, Andrey P, Houba Hérin N, Hachet M, et al. The Arabidopsis hnRNP-Q Protein LIF2 and the PRC1 Subunit LHP1 Function in Concert to Regulate the Transcription of Stress-Responsive Genes. Plant Cell. 2016;28:2197-2211 pubmed publisher
    ..In response to methyl jasmonate treatment, LIF2 was rapidly recruited to chromatin, where it mediated transcriptional gene activation. Thus, LIF2 and LHP1 participate in transcriptional switches in stress-response pathways. ..
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    Gaudin V, Libault M, Pouteau S, Juul T, Zhao G, Lefebvre D, et al. Mutations in LIKE HETEROCHROMATIN PROTEIN 1 affect flowering time and plant architecture in Arabidopsis. Development. 2001;128:4847-58 pubmed