Research Topics

N Deboosere


Affiliation: Institut Pasteur de Lille
Country: France


  1. Deboosere N, Horm S, Delobel A, Gachet J, Buchy P, Vialette M. Viral elution and concentration method for detection of influenza A viruses in mud by real-time RT-PCR. J Virol Methods. 2012;179:148-53 pubmed publisher
    ..The overall method has proved successful for detecting H5N1 virus contamination of mud specimens collected during outbreak investigations of avian influenza in Cambodia. ..
  2. Deboosere N, Pinon A, Delobel A, Temmam S, Morin T, Merle G, et al. A predictive microbiology approach for thermal inactivation of Hepatitis A virus in acidified berries. Food Microbiol. 2010;27:962-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Excellent predictions were obtained in most cases, while failed predictions provided safe results, with the model predicting higher residual virus titres than what was observed. ..
  3. Song O, Kim H, Jouny S, Ricard I, Vandeputte A, Deboosere N, et al. A Bacterial Toxin with Analgesic Properties: Hyperpolarization of DRG Neurons by Mycolactone. Toxins (Basel). 2017;9: pubmed publisher
    ..This result points towards novel ATâ‚‚R-dependent signaling pathways in DRG neurons underlying the analgesic effect of mycolactone, with the perspective for the development of new types of nature-inspired analgesics. ..