Julie Cocquet


Country: France


  1. Riel J, Yamauchi Y, Ruthig V, Malinta Q, Blanco M, Moretti C, et al. Rescue of Sly Expression Is Not Sufficient to Rescue Spermiogenic Phenotype of Mice with Deletions of Y Chromosome Long Arm. Genes (Basel). 2019;10: pubmed publisher
    ..Together, the data suggest that Sly deficiency is not the sole underlying cause of the infertile phenotype of mice with NPYq deletions and imply the involvement of another NPYq gene. ..
  2. Cocquet J, Ellis P, Mahadevaiah S, Affara N, Vaiman D, Burgoyne P. A genetic basis for a postmeiotic X versus Y chromosome intragenomic conflict in the mouse. PLoS Genet. 2012;8:e1002900 pubmed publisher
    ..It also provides a biological basis for the concept that intragenomic conflict is an important evolutionary force which impacts on gene expression, genome structure, and speciation...