Eric Chevet


Country: France


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    ..D.-Ph.D. programs, a system that now needs to reinvent itself. Now, clinically oriented training programs targeting nonphysician scientists have opened new avenues to improve transdisciplinary approaches in health sciences. ..
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    ..We discuss these issues in the context of the pathophysiological roles of UPR signaling in cancers. ..
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    ..As such, this model could provide an additional therapeutic opportunity for those tumors arising on normal liver by targeting the tumor proteostasis network. Data are available via ProteomeXchange with identifier PXD001253. ..
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    ..In the present review, we discuss the specific features of the UPR in various tumor types and the impact of the selective activation of this pathway on cell transformation, tumor development and aggressiveness. ..
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    ..The study further documents the potential strategy of targeting proteostasis to kill cancer cells. ..
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    ..This study provides the first demonstration of a dual role of IRE1 downstream signaling in cancer and opens a new therapeutic window to abrogate tumor progression. ..
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    ..This article is part of a Special Issue entitled SI:ER stress. ..

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  1. Chevet E, Fessart D, Delom F, Mulot A, Vojtesek B, Hrstka R, et al. Emerging roles for the pro-oncogenic anterior gradient-2 in cancer development. Oncogene. 2013;32:2499-509 pubmed publisher
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    ..Together, these results describe a novel role for p97/CDC-48, whereby its role in protein degradation is integrated with its role in regulating expression of ER stress response genes. ..
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    ..We also discuss the emerging cross-talk between the UPR and related metabolic processes to ensure maintenance of proteostasis, and we highlight possible therapeutic opportunities for targeting the pathway with small molecules. ..
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    ..In order to describe the emerging role of UPR in cancer biology, these are the points that will be discussed in this chapter. ..