Pierre Edouard Fournier



  1. Maaloum M, Diop K, Diop A, Anani H, Tomei E, Richez M, et al. Description of Janibacter massiliensis sp. nov., cultured from the vaginal discharge of a patient with bacterial vaginosis. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that strain Marseille-P4121T (= CECT 9671T = CSUR P4121T) is the type strain of the new species Janibacter massiliensis sp. nov. ..
  2. Afouda P, Traore S, Dione N, Andrieu C, Tomei E, Richez M, et al. Description and genomic characterization of Massiliimalia massiliensis gen. nov., sp. nov., and Massiliimalia timonensis gen. nov., sp. nov., two new members of the family Ruminococcaceae isolated from the human gut. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..sp. nov., and Massiliimalia timonensis gen. nov., sp. nov. Strains Marseille-P2963T (= CSUR P2963 = DSM 106837) and Marseille-P3753T (= CSUR P3753 = CCUG 71632) are their type strains, respectively. ..
  3. Diop A, Raoult D, Fournier P. Paradoxical evolution of rickettsial genomes. Ticks Tick Borne Dis. 2019;10:462-469 pubmed publisher
  4. Ramasamy D, Dubourg G, Robert C, Caputo A, Papazian L, Raoult D, et al. Non contiguous-finished genome sequence and description of Enorma timonensis sp. nov. Stand Genomic Sci. 2014;9:970-86 pubmed publisher
    ..The 2,365,123 bp long genome (1 chromosome but no plasmid) contains 2,060 protein-coding and 52 RNA genes, including 4 rRNA genes. ..
  5. Beye M, Hasni I, Seng P, Michelle C, La Scola B, Raoult D, et al. Genomic analysis of a Raoultella ornithinolytica strain causing prosthetic joint infection in an immunocompetent patient. Sci Rep. 2018;8:9462 pubmed publisher
    ..Strain Marseille-P1025 was also able to infect, multiply within, and kill Acanthamoaeba castellanii amoebae. ..
  6. Padmanabhan R, Robert C, Fenollar F, Raoult D, Fournier P. Draft Genome Sequence of Necropsobacter rosorum Strain P709T. Genome Announc. 2014;2: pubmed publisher
    ..rosorum, and belongs to the family Pasteurellaceae. Here, we present the draft genome of N. rosorum strain P709(T), which is the first genome sequence from this species. ..
  7. Sentausa E, El Karkouri K, Nguyen T, Caputo A, Raoult D, Fournier P. Genome Sequence of Rickettsia hoogstraalii, a Geographically Widely Distributed Tick-Associated Bacterium. Genome Announc. 2014;2: pubmed publisher
    ..We report here the draft genome of R. hoogstraalii strain Croatica(T) (=DSM 22243 = UTMB 00003), which was isolated from Haemaphysalis sulcata ticks collected in Croatia. ..
  8. Croce O, Hugon P, Lagier J, Bibi F, Robert C, Azhar E, et al. Genome Sequence of Bacillus simplex Strain P558, Isolated from a Human Fecal Sample. Genome Announc. 2014;2: pubmed publisher
    ..Bacillus simplex strain P558 was isolated from a fecal sample of a 25-year-old Saudi male. We sequenced the 5.98-Mb genome of the strain and compared it to that of B. simplex strain 1NLA3E. ..
  9. Bardou M, Honnorat E, Dubourg G, Couderc C, Fournier P, Seng P, et al. Meningitis caused by Pasteurella multocida in a dog owner without a dog bite: clonal lineage identification by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. BMC Res Notes. 2015;8:626 pubmed publisher
    ..multocida could be considered a cause of human meningitis in dog lovers without an animal bite. MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry should be considered as it is an accurate tool to identify clonal lineage between animal and human isolates. ..

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  1. Caputo A, Merhej V, Georgiades K, Fournier P, Croce O, Robert C, et al. Pan-genomic analysis to redefine species and subspecies based on quantum discontinuous variation: the Klebsiella paradigm. Biol Direct. 2015;10:55 pubmed publisher
    ..rhinoscleromatis are species of the Klebsiella genus, rather than subspecies of Klebsiella pneumoniae. This pan-genomic analysis, helped to develop a new tool for defining species introducing a quantic perspective for taxonomy. ..
  2. Fournier P, Drancourt M, Aboudharam G, Raoult D. Paleomicrobiology of Bartonella infections. Microbes Infect. 2015;17:879-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, pathogenic Bartonella species have been involved in several outbreaks in the past millennia and should systematically be investigated in human remains from suspected epidemics. ..
  3. Diop A, Diop K, Tomei E, Raoult D, Fenollar F, Fournier P. Draft Genome Sequence of Ezakiella peruensis Strain M6.X2, a Human Gut Gram-Positive Anaerobic Coccus. Genome Announc. 2018;6: pubmed publisher
    ..The genome also exhibits 1 clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat region and 333 genes acquired by horizontal gene transfer. ..
  4. Maaloum M, Diop A, Ndongo S, Nguyen T, Cadoret F, Raoult D, et al. Draft Genome Sequence of Megamonas funiformis Strain Marseille-P3344, Isolated from a Human Fecal Microbiota. Genome Announc. 2018;6: pubmed publisher
    ..The genome described here is composed of 2,464,704 nucleotides, with 2,230 protein-coding genes and 76 RNA genes. ..
  5. Diop A, Raoult D, Fournier P. Rickettsial genomics and the paradigm of genome reduction associated with increased virulence. Microbes Infect. 2018;20:401-409 pubmed publisher
    ..However, future investigations are mandatory to provide novel insights into the mechanisms by which genomic reductive evolution contributes to an emergence of pathogenesis. ..
  6. request reprint
    Mourembou G, Rathored J, Lekana Douki J, Ndjoyi Mbiguino A, Khelaifia S, Robert C, et al. Description of Gabonibacter massiliensis gen. nov., sp. nov., a New Member of the Family Porphyromonadaceae Isolated from the Human Gut Microbiota. Curr Microbiol. 2016;73:867-877 pubmed
    ..Thus, we propose that strain GM7T (=CSUR P2336 = DSM 101039) is the type strain of the new genus Gabonibacter gen. nov. and the new species G. massiliensis gen. nov., sp. nov. ..
  7. Beye M, Bakour S, Labas N, Raoult D, Fournier P. Draft Genome Sequence of Actinobaculum massiliense Strain FC3. Genome Announc. 2016;4: pubmed publisher
    ..The 2.06-Mb genome of strain FC3 contains 17 toxin/antitoxin modules and 9 bacteriocin-encoding genes that may play a role in virulence. The genome also exhibits 693 genes acquired by lateral gene transfer. ..
  8. Sankar S, Rathored J, Metidji S, Lagier J, Khelaifia S, Labas N, et al. Clostridium polynesiense sp. nov., a new member of the human gut microbiota in French Polynesia. Anaerobe. 2015;36:79-87 pubmed publisher
    ..nov. is proposed. The type strain of C. polynesiense is MS1(T) (= CSUR P630 = DSM 27072). ..
  9. Dubourg G, Delord M, Gouriet F, Fournier P, Drancourt M. Actinomyces gerencseriae hip prosthesis infection: a case report. J Med Case Rep. 2015;9:223 pubmed publisher
    ..The recently described A. gerencseriae has rarely been involved in human infections. We report the first case of A. gerencseriae joint infection in a hip prosthesis. ..
  10. El Karkouri K, Mediannikov O, Robert C, Raoult D, Fournier P. Genome Sequence of the Tick-Borne Pathogen Rickettsia raoultii. Genome Announc. 2016;4: pubmed publisher
    ..We report here the genome sequence of ITALIC! R. raoultiistrain Khabarovsk(T)(CSUR R3(T), ATCC VR-1596(T)), which was isolated from a ITALIC! Dermacentor silvarumtick collected in Russia. ..
  11. Afouda P, Dubourg G, Labas N, Raoult D, Fournier P. Draft Genome Sequence of Agrococcusbaldri Strain Marseille-P2731. Genome Announc. 2017;5: pubmed publisher
    ..The 3,021,022-bp genome of strain Marseille-P2731, with a 71.82% G+C content, includes 2,844 protein-coding genes, 72 toxin/antitoxin modules, nine bacteriocin-encoding genes, and 1,266 genes associated with mobilome. ..
  12. Loucif L, Michelle C, Terras J, Rolain J, Raoult D, Fournier P. Draft Genome Sequence of Streptomyces specialis Type Strain GW41-1564 (DSM 41924). Genome Announc. 2017;5: pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we report the draft genome sequence of Streptomyces specialis type strain GW41-1564, which was isolated from soil. This 5.87-Mb genome exhibits a high G+C content of 72.72% and contains 5,486 protein-coding genes. ..
  13. Abdallah R, Beye M, Diop A, Bakour S, Raoult D, Fournier P. The impact of culturomics on taxonomy in clinical microbiology. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek. 2017;110:1327-1337 pubmed publisher
    ..Herein, we review the development of culturomics and genomics in the clinical microbiology field and their impact on bacterial taxonomy. ..
  14. Cassir N, Fahsi N, Durand G, Lagier J, Raoult D, Fournier P. Emergence of Clostridium difficile tcdC variant 078 in Marseille, France. Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis. 2017;36:1971-1974 pubmed publisher
    ..This emphasises the need for an efficient surveillance system for CDI with ribotyping and an optimised management of CDI caused by hypervirulent strains. ..
  15. Alou M, Rathored J, Michelle C, Dubourg G, Andrieu C, Armstrong N, et al. Inediibacterium massiliense gen. nov., sp. nov., a new bacterial species isolated from the gut microbiota of a severely malnourished infant. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek. 2017;110:737-750 pubmed publisher
    ..nov., sp. nov. is proposed. ..
  16. Sankar S, Lagier J, Pontarotti P, Raoult D, Fournier P. The human gut microbiome, a taxonomic conundrum. Syst Appl Microbiol. 2015;38:276-86 pubmed publisher
    ..In this review, we highlight the progress and challenges that pave the way to a complete understanding of the human gastrointestinal microbiota and its influence on human health. ..