Marja Jylha


Affiliation: University of Tampere
Country: Finland


  1. Nosraty L, Jylhä M, Raittila T, Lumme Sandt K. Perceptions by the oldest old of successful aging, Vitality 90+ Study. J Aging Stud. 2015;32:50-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The important things for our nonagenarian respondents were to continue living independently, preferably in their own homes, and to have a quick and easy death rather than being institutionalized. ..
  2. Jylha M. What is self-rated health and why does it predict mortality? Towards a unified conceptual model. Soc Sci Med. 2009;69:307-16 pubmed publisher
    ..Self-rated health lies at the cross-roads of culture and biology, therefore a collaborative effort between different disciplines can only improve our understanding of this key measure of health status. ..
  3. Kananen L, Nevalainen T, Jylhävä J, Marttila S, Hervonen A, Jylhä M, et al. Cytomegalovirus infection accelerates epigenetic aging. Exp Gerontol. 2015;72:227-9 pubmed publisher
    ..5 vs. 24.0 (p < 0.02,Mann–Whitney U-test) in the young controls and 76.0 vs. 70.0 (p < 0.01) in the nonagenarians). Thus, these data provide a new aspect to the CMV associated pathological processes. ..
  4. Tiainen K, Raitanen J, Vaara E, Hervonen A, Jylhä M. Longitudinal changes in mobility among nonagenarians: the Vitality 90+ Study. BMC Geriatr. 2015;15:124 pubmed publisher
    ..The prevention efforts are important and should focus even more, also among the oldest-old, on additional modifiable risk factors such as maintaining muscle strength. ..
  5. Forma L, Jylhä M, Pulkki J, Aaltonen M, Raitanen J, Rissanen P. Trends in the use and costs of round-the-clock long-term care in the last two years of life among old people between 2002 and 2013 in Finland. BMC Health Serv Res. 2017;17:668 pubmed publisher
    ..Costs of LTC decreased as sheltered housing replaced institutional LTC. However, an accurate comparison of costs of different types of LTC is difficult, and the societal costs of sheltered housing are not well known. ..
  6. Marttila S, Kananen L, Häyrynen S, Jylhävä J, Nevalainen T, Hervonen A, et al. Ageing-associated changes in the human DNA methylome: genomic locations and effects on gene expression. BMC Genomics. 2015;16:179 pubmed publisher
  7. Marttila S, Nevalainen T, Jylhävä J, Kananen L, Jylha M, Hervonen A, et al. Human endogenous retrovirus HERV-K(HML-2) env expression is not associated with markers of immunosenescence. Exp Gerontol. 2017;97:60-63 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, these data suggest that HERVs do not function as antigenic drivers of immunosenescence. On the contrary, expression of HERV-K(HML-2) env is associated with more youthful levels of B cells. ..