Genomes and Genes


Nicolae Costin Diaconu


Affiliation: Kuopio University Hospital
Country: Finland


  1. Diaconu N, Rummukainen J, Mättö M, Naukkarinen A, Harvima R, Pelkonen J, et al. Cervical squamous carcinoma cells are resistant to the combined action of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and histamine whereas normal keratinocytes undergo cytolysis. BMC Cancer. 2008;8:46 pubmed publisher
    ..In the cervix carcinoma, the malignant cells may resist this endogenous cytolytic action and TNF-alpha could even enhance carcinoma cell migration. ..
  2. Diaconu N, Rummukainen J, Naukkarinen A, Mättö M, Harvima R, Pelkonen J, et al. Mast cell chymase is present in uterine cervical carcinoma and it detaches viable and growing cervical squamous carcinoma cells from substratum in vitro. Arch Dermatol Res. 2011;303:499-512 pubmed publisher
    ..It is chymase that appears to be capable of inducing effective detachment of viable and growing SCC cells and therefore, it may release SCC cells from a tumor leading to spreading of malignant cells. ..