María C Elissondo



  1. Maggiore M, Pensel P, Denegri G, Elissondo M. Chemoprophylactic and therapeutic efficacy of thymol in murine cystic echinococcosis. Parasitol Int. 2015;64:435-40 pubmed publisher
    ..Due to the lack of toxicity observed in mice at the tested doses; we consider that thymol is a potential alternative to be applied for the treatment of human hydatid disease. ..
  2. Pensel P, Ullio Gamboa G, Fabbri J, Ceballos L, Sánchez Bruni S, Alvarez L, et al. Cystic echinococcosis therapy: Albendazole-loaded lipid nanocapsules enhance the oral bioavailability and efficacy in experimentally infected mice. Acta Trop. 2015;152:185-194 pubmed publisher
    ..This new pharmacotechnically-based strategy could be a potential alternative to improve the treatment of human CE. ..
  3. Fabbri J, Maggiore M, Pensel P, Denegri G, Gende L, Elissondo M. In vitro and in vivo efficacy of carvacrol against Echinococcus granulosus. Acta Trop. 2016;164:272-279 pubmed publisher
    ..Given that the in vivo effect of carvacrol was comparable with the treatment of reference with ABZ and the fact that is a safe compound, we postulated that carvacrol may be an alternative option for treatment of human CE. ..
  4. Pensel P, Castro S, Allemandi D, Bruni S, Palma S, Elissondo M. Enhanced chemoprophylactic and clinical efficacy of albendazole formulated as solid dispersions in experimental cystic echinococcosis. Vet Parasitol. 2014;203:80-6 pubmed publisher
    ..This new pharmacotechnically based strategy could be a suitable alternative for treating cystic echinococcosis in humans. ..
  5. Pensel P, Elissondo N, Gambino G, Gamboa G, Benoit J, Elissondo M. Experimental cystic echinococcosis therapy: In vitro and in vivo combined 5-fluorouracil/albendazole treatment. Vet Parasitol. 2017;245:62-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Since 5-FU treatments did not cause toxic effect in mice, further in vivo studies will be performed by adjusting the dosage and the frequency of treatments. ..