E Dilip DE Silva



  1. Mohamad Ramshan R, Ratnaweera P, Williams D, de Silva E, Andersen R. Stable isotope feeding studies reveal a steroid 5(6→7)abeo ring contraction biogenesis for the antibiotic solanioic acid produced by cultures of the fungus Rhizoctonia solani. J Antibiot (Tokyo). 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..The study revealed that 9-epi-solanioic acid (4), which spontaneously converts to solanioic acid (1), is also produced by the cultures and it may be the actual natural product. ..
  2. Richard K, Williams D, de Silva E, Brockman M, Brumme Z, Andersen R, et al. Identification of Novel HIV-1 Latency-Reversing Agents from a Library of Marine Natural Products. Viruses. 2018;10: pubmed publisher
  3. Senathilake K, Karunanayake E, Samarakoon S, Tennekoon K, de Silva E. Rhizome extracts of Curcuma zedoaria Rosc induce caspase dependant apoptosis via generation of reactive oxygen species in filarial parasite Setaria digitata in vitro. Exp Parasitol. 2016;167:50-60 pubmed publisher
  4. Ediriweera M, Tennekoon K, Adhikari A, Samarakoon S, Thabrew I, de Silva E. New halogenated constituents from Mangifera zeylanica Hook.f. and their potential anti-cancer effects in breast and ovarian cancer cells. J Ethnopharmacol. 2016;189:165-74 pubmed publisher
  5. Ediriweera M, Tennekoon K, Samarakoon S, Adhikari A, Thabrew I, Dilip DE Silva E. Isolation of a new resorcinolic lipid from Mangifera zeylanica Hook.f. bark and its cytotoxic and apoptotic potential. Biomed Pharmacother. 2017;89:194-200 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, it also led to an increase in ROS and GST levels while depleting GSH levels. Results of this study suggest that isolated new resorcinolic lipid can induce apoptosis in MCF-7 cells, possibly via oxidative stress mechanism. ..
  6. Ediriweera M, Tennekoon K, Samarakoon S, Thabrew I, de Silva E. Protective Effects of Six Selected Dietary Compounds against Leptin-Induced Proliferation of Oestrogen Receptor Positive (MCF-7) Breast Cancer Cells. Medicines (Basel). 2017;4: pubmed publisher
    ..Considering the high prevalence of obesity, this observation provides a rationale for use of curcumin, quercetin and EGCG as antagonists of leptin in the treatment of obese breast cancer patients. ..