Asmaa Dibi


Affiliation: Childrens hospital
Location: Rabat , Morocco
Pediatric nephrology


  1. Dibi A, El Fahime E, Mouane N, Dafiri R, Bentahila A. [Pseudoxanthoma elasticum: A rare cause of gastrointestinal bleeding in children]. Arch Pediatr. 2016;23:591-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Early diagnosis allows prevention and measures to control the risk factors and limit the progression of complications. ..
  2. Dibi A, Maana Z, Jabourik F, Bentahila A. [Moyamoya disease associated with kidney angiodysplasia in a child]. Arch Pediatr. 2017;24:476-479 pubmed publisher
    ..Cognitive impairment and social dependence have recently been recognized as an important unresolved social issue. Affected children require medical-surgical, social, and psychological care. ..
  3. Dibi A, Mouane N, el Fahime E, Dafiri R, Bentahila A. [Vascular calcification in pseudoxanthoma elasticum in children]. J Med Vasc. 2017;42:333-337 pubmed publisher
    ..The prototype of these conditions is pseudoxanthoma elasticum. We report, in this study, 4 pediatric cases of vascular calcifications diagnosed as elastic pseudoxanthoma...

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