J L Diaz



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    Diaz J, Wanta S, Fishbein T, Kroemer A. Developments in immunotherapy for gastrointestinal cancer. Minerva Chir. 2015;70:217-30 pubmed
    ..A summation of prior research, current clinical trials, and prospective therapies in murine models help delineate our current status and future strategies on CRC immunotherapy. ..
  2. Kroemer A, Cosentino C, Kaiser J, Matsumoto C, Fishbein T. Intestinal Transplant Inflammation: the Third Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Curr Gastroenterol Rep. 2016;18:56 pubmed publisher
  3. Eggenhofer E, Sabet Rashedi M, Lantow M, Renner P, Rovira J, Koehl G, et al. RORγt(+) IL-22-producing NKp46(+) cells protect from hepatic ischemia reperfusion injury in mice. J Hepatol. 2016;64:128-34 pubmed publisher
    ..RORγt(+) NK22 cells play an important protective role in IRI in mice. ..