Finn Skou Pedersen


Affiliation: University of Aarhus
Country: Denmark


  1. Ballarín González B, Lassen L, Jessen R, Füchtbauer A, Füchtbauer E, Pedersen F. Deregulated Nras expression in knock-in animals harboring a gammaretroviral long terminal repeat at the Nras/Csde1 locus. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e56029 pubmed publisher
    ..LTR knock-in mice may serve as a tool to investigate mechanisms of retroviral insertional mutagenesis and as a way of constitutive or induced modulation of expression of a target gene. ..
  2. Sokol M, Wabl M, Ruiz I, Pedersen F. Novel principles of gamma-retroviral insertional transcription activation in murine leukemia virus-induced end-stage tumors. Retrovirology. 2014;11:36 pubmed publisher
    ..Altogether, this study should prove useful for extrapolating adverse outcomes of retroviral vector therapies, and for understanding fundamental cellular regulatory principles and retroviral biology. ..
  3. Sokol M, Jessen K, Pedersen F. Human endogenous retroviruses sustain complex and cooperative regulation of gene-containing loci and unannotated megabase-sized regions. Retrovirology. 2015;12:32 pubmed publisher
    ..By exposing previously undescribed regulation effects, this study should prove useful for understanding fundamental transcription mechanisms resulting from evolutionary acquisition of retroviral sequence in the human genome. ..
  4. Friis K, Iturrioz X, Thomsen J, Alvear Perez R, Bahrami S, Llorens Cortes C, et al. Directed Molecular Evolution of an Engineered Gammaretroviral Envelope Protein with Dual Receptor Use Shows Stable Maintenance of Both Receptor Specificities. J Virol. 2016;90:1647-56 pubmed publisher
    ..We provide indirect evidence that such reduced affinity leads to reduced receptor internalization and propose a novel model in which too rapid receptor internalization may decrease virus entry. ..
  5. Kjeldbjerg A, Villesen P, Aagaard L, Pedersen F. Gene conversion and purifying selection of a placenta-specific ERV-V envelope gene during simian evolution. BMC Evol Biol. 2008;8:266 pubmed publisher
    ..Together with the placenta-specific expression of the human and baboon ENVV1 and ENVV2 envelope genes, these data provide strong evidence of a beneficial role for the host. ..