E Anzenbacherova


Country: Czech Republic


  1. Anzenbacherova E, Spičáková A, Jourova L, Ulrichova J, Adamus M, Bachleda P, et al. Interaction of rocuronium with human liver cytochromes P450. J Pharmacol Sci. 2015;127:190-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Rocuronium has caused inhibition of both reactions by 20 and 15%, respectively. The results open a possibility that interactions of rocuronium with drugs metabolized by CYP3A4 (and possibly also CYP2C19) may be observed. ..
  2. Tomankova V, Liskova B, Skalova L, Bártíková H, Bousova I, Jourova L, et al. Altered cytochrome P450 activities and expression levels in the liver and intestines of the monosodium glutamate-induced mouse model of human obesity. Life Sci. 2015;133:15-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Higher activity of CYP2A5 (CYP2A6 human ortholog) could lead to altered metabolism of drug substrates of this enzyme (valproic acid, nicotine, methoxyflurane). ..
  3. Spičáková A, Anzenbacher P, Liskova B, Kuca K, Fusek J, Anzenbacherova E. Evaluation of possible inhibition of human liver drug metabolizing cytochromes P450 by two new acetylcholinesterase oxime-type reactivators. Food Chem Toxicol. 2016;88:100-4 pubmed publisher
  4. Jourova L, Anzenbacher P, Liskova B, Matuskova Z, Hermanova P, Hudcovic T, et al. Colonization by non-pathogenic bacteria alters mRNA expression of cytochromes P450 in originally germ-free mice. Folia Microbiol (Praha). 2017;62:463-469 pubmed publisher
    ..plantarum NIZO2877; however, the colonization with probiotic E. coli Nissle 1917 caused a decrease in Cyp2e1 expression and partially restored the SPF mice conditions. ..