Ivan Sabolic


Affiliation: Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health
Country: Croatia


  1. Ljubojevic M, Orct T, Micek V, Karaica D, Jurasovic J, Breljak D, et al. Sex-dependent expression of metallothioneins MT1 and MT2 and concentrations of trace elements in rat liver and kidney tissues: Effect of gonadectomy. J Trace Elem Med Biol. 2019;53:98-108 pubmed publisher
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    Sabolic I, Herak Kramberger C, Ljubojevic M, Biemesderfer D, Brown D. NHE3 and NHERF are targeted to the basolateral membrane in proximal tubules of colchicine-treated rats. Kidney Int. 2002;61:1351-64 pubmed
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    Sabolic I, Asif A, Budach W, Wanke C, Bahn A, Burckhardt G. Gender differences in kidney function. Pflugers Arch. 2007;455:397-429 pubmed
  4. Breljak D, Brzica H, Vrhovac I, Micek V, Karaica D, Ljubojević M, et al. In female rats, ethylene glycol treatment elevates protein expression of hepatic and renal oxalate transporter sat-1 (Slc26a1) without inducing hyperoxaluria. Croat Med J. 2015;56:447-59 pubmed
    ..An increased expression of hepatic and renal oxalate transporting protein sat-1 in EG-treated female rats could protect from hyperoxaluria and oxalate urolithiasis. ..
  5. Orct T, Jurasović J, Micek V, Karaica D, Sabolić I. Macro- and microelements in the rat liver, kidneys, and brain tissues; sex differences and effect of blood removal by perfusion in vivo. J Trace Elem Med Biol. 2017;40:104-111 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, the residual blood in organs can significantly influence tissue concentrations of various elements and their sex-dependency. ..
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    Sabolic I, Ljubojevic M, Herak Kramberger C, Brown D. Cd-MT causes endocytosis of brush-border transporters in rat renal proximal tubules. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2002;283:F1389-402 pubmed
    ..These processes may lead to a time-dependent loss of cell membrane components, resulting in reabsorptive and secretory defects that occur in Cd-induced nephrotoxicity...
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    Sabolic I, Skarica M, Gorboulev V, Ljubojevic M, Balen D, Herak Kramberger C, et al. Rat renal glucose transporter SGLT1 exhibits zonal distribution and androgen-dependent gender differences. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2006;290:F913-26 pubmed
  8. Sabolic I, Vrhovac I, Eror D, Gerasimova M, Rose M, Breljak D, et al. Expression of Na+-D-glucose cotransporter SGLT2 in rodents is kidney-specific and exhibits sex and species differences. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2012;302:C1174-88 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results indicate that in rodents the expression of SGLT2 is kidney-specific and point to distinct sex and species differences in SGLT2 protein expression that cannot be explained by differences in mRNA. ..
  9. Breljak D, Ljubojevic M, Hagos Y, Micek V, Balen Eror D, Vrhovac Madunić I, et al. Distribution of organic anion transporters NaDC3 and OAT1-3 along the human nephron. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2016;311:F227-38 pubmed publisher
    ..Our experiments provide a side-by-side comparison of basolateral transporters cooperating in renal OA secretion in the human kidney. ..

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  1. Madunić I, Breljak D, Karaica D, Koepsell H, Sabolic I. Expression profiling and immunolocalization of Na+-D-glucose-cotransporter 1 in mice employing knockout mice as specificity control indicate novel locations and differences between mice and rats. Pflugers Arch. 2017;469:1545-1565 pubmed publisher
    ..g., in eyes, tongue epithelial cells, pancreatic ducts, prostate, and periurethral glands were detected. Using end-point and quantitative RT-PCR in various organs, different Sglt1 expression in mice and rats was confirmed. ..
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    Sabolic I, Herak Kramberger C, Brown D. Subchronic cadmium treatment affects the abundance and arrangement of cytoskeletal proteins in rat renal proximal tubule cells. Toxicology. 2001;165:205-16 pubmed
  3. Sabolic I, Breljak D, Skarica M, Herak Kramberger C. Role of metallothionein in cadmium traffic and toxicity in kidneys and other mammalian organs. Biometals. 2010;23:897-926 pubmed publisher
    ..Liberated Cd can immediately affect the cell structures and functions. The resulting proteinuria and CdMT in the urine can be used as biomarkers of tubular injury. ..
  4. Breljak D, Ljubojevic M, Balen D, Zlender V, Brzica H, Micek V, et al. Renal expression of organic anion transporter Oat5 in rats and mice exhibits the female-dominant sex differences. Histol Histopathol. 2010;25:1385-402 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, the renal expression of Oat5 in rats (and mice) exhibits zonal (CO<OS) and sex differences (M<F), which appear after puberty, largely due to androgen-driven downregulation of its mRNA and protein expression. ..
  5. Ljubojević M, Breljak D, Herak Kramberger C, Anzai N, Sabolić I. Expression of basolateral organic anion and cation transporters in experimental cadmium nephrotoxicity in rat kidney. Arch Toxicol. 2016;90:525-41 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, the diminished renal secretion of OA and OC via PT in Cd nephrotoxicity may result from (a) limited loss of secretory surface (basolateral invaginations), (b) selective loss of Oats and Octs, and ..
  6. Herak Kramberger C, Breljak D, Ljubojević M, Matokanović M, Lovrić M, Rogić D, et al. Sex-dependent expression of water channel AQP1 along the rat nephron. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2015;308:F809-21 pubmed publisher