Ann Marie Craig



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    ..Behavioral deficits in Mdga mutant mice support genetic links to schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders and raise the possibility of harnessing these interactions for therapeutic purposes. ..
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    ..Two studies in this issue of Neuron, Maro et al. (2015) and Tu et al. (2015), identify a new extracellular effector for neuroligin in GABAergic postsynaptic differentiation. ..
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    ..Thus, in complement to other GABAAR-associated proteins that promote receptor surface expression, Clptm1 limits GABAAR forward trafficking and regulates inhibitory homeostatic plasticity. ..
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    ..Altogether, we characterize NL2-associated complexes, demonstrate regulated trafficking of NL2, and provide tools for further proteomic and imaging studies of inhibitory synapses. ..
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    ..These results illustrate a potentially brain-wide regulatory mechanism for NL-NRX signaling modulation. ..
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