Changzhu Yang


Country: China


  1. Long B, Yang C, Pu W, Yang J, Jiang G, Dan J, et al. The treatment of solvent recovery raffinate by aerobic granular sludge in a pilot-scale sequencing batch reactor. J Water Health. 2015;13:746-57 pubmed publisher
    ..The result indicated gradually increasing the proportion of real wastewater in influent was a useful domestication method, and the feasibility of AGS for treatment of high C/N ratio industrial wastewater. ..
  2. Long B, Xuan X, Yang C, Zhang L, Cheng Y, Wang J. Stability of aerobic granular sludge in a pilot scale sequencing batch reactor enhanced by granular particle size control. Chemosphere. 2019;225:460-469 pubmed publisher
    ..The results indicated that the stability of the system could be greatly enhanced by the method, which provided a new strategy to maintain the granular stability. ..
  3. Long B, Yang C, Pu W, Yang J, Liu F, Zhang L, et al. Tolerance to organic loading rate by aerobic granular sludge in a cyclic aerobic granular reactor. Bioresour Technol. 2015;182:314-22 pubmed publisher
    ..With the increase of OLR and particle size, anaerobic cores inside the granules were formed by massive dead cells, while instability of anaerobic core eventually led to the collapse of the system. ..
  4. Cheng K, Hu J, Hou H, Liu B, Chen Q, Pan K, et al. Aerobic granular sludge inoculated microbial fuel cells for enhanced epoxy reactive diluent wastewater treatment. Bioresour Technol. 2017;229:126-133 pubmed publisher
    ..The higher ERD wastewater treatment efficiency of AGS-MFC is possibly attributed to the diverse microbial population on MFC biofilm, as well as the synergic degradation of contaminants by both the MFC anode biofilm and AGS granules. ..