Kang Cheng


Affiliation: Xiamen University
Country: China


  1. Liu X, Wang M, Zhou C, Zhou W, Cheng K, Kang J, et al. Selective transformation of carbon dioxide into lower olefins with a bifunctional catalyst composed of ZnGa2O4 and SAPO-34. Chem Commun (Camb). 2018;54:140-143 pubmed publisher
    ..The oxygen vacancies on ZnGa2O4 surfaces are responsible for CO2 activation, forming a methanol intermediate, which is then converted into C2-C4 olefins in SAPO-34. ..
  2. Liu X, Zhou W, Yang Y, Cheng K, Kang J, Zhang L, et al. Design of efficient bifunctional catalysts for direct conversion of syngas into lower olefins via methanol/dimethyl ether intermediates. Chem Sci. 2018;9:4708-4718 pubmed publisher
    ..Formate and methoxide species have been observed on Zn-doped ZrO2 surfaces during the activation of CO in H2, and the formed methanol/DME are transformed into lower olefins in SSZ-13. ..