Huiling Wu


Country: China


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    ..In this review, we will summarize the current knowledge of novel biomaterials with both antibacterial and osteoinductive properties. ..
  3. Su X, Wang W, Ruan G, Liang M, Zheng J, Chen Y, et al. A Comprehensive Characterization of Mitochondrial Genome in Papillary Thyroid Cancer. Int J Mol Sci. 2016;17: pubmed
    ..This can help to clarify the molecular mechanisms underlying PTC and offer potential biomarkers or therapeutic targets for future clinical practice. ..
  4. Xu T, Xu G, Gu Z, Wu H. Role of endoplasmic reticulum stress pathway in hydrostatic pressure-induced apoptosis in rat mandibular condylar chondrocytes. Mol Cell Biochem. 2017;429:23-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Suppression of ER stress by salubrinal prevents chondrocytes from undergoing apoptosis and matrix degradation induced by HP. ..