Desmond Y H Yap


Affiliation: The University of Hong Kong
Country: China


  1. Yap D, Chan J, Yip T, Mok M, Kwan L, Lo W, et al. Burkholderia cepacia Exit-Site Infection in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients-Clinical Characteristics and Treatment Outcomes. Perit Dial Int. 2016;36:390-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Most cases can be managed with medical treatment alone, although one third of patients might require catheter removal. ..
  2. Yap D, Seto W, Fung J, Chok S, Chan S, Chan G, et al. Serum and urinary biomarkers that predict hepatorenal syndrome in patients with advanced cirrhosis. Dig Liver Dis. 2017;49:202-206 pubmed publisher
    ..The cut-off values for NGAL and KIM-1 to predict HRS were 18.72ng/mL and 1.499ng/mL respectively (AUCs 0.84, p=0.005; and 0.78, p=0.008). Urinary NGAL and KIM-1 could serve as biomarkers to predict HRS in advanced cirrhotic patients. ..