Lingfei Luo


Affiliation: Southwest University
Country: China


  1. Chen J, He J, Ni R, Yang Q, Zhang Y, Luo L. Cerebrovascular Injuries Induce Lymphatic Invasion into Brain Parenchyma to Guide Vascular Regeneration in Zebrafish. Dev Cell. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..This study reveals a pathological function of meningeal lymphatics, through previously unexpected ingrowth into brain parenchyma and a newly identified lymphatic function as vascular "growing tracks." ..
  2. Cao Z, Mao X, Luo L. Germline Stem Cells Drive Ovary Regeneration in Zebrafish. Cell Rep. 2019;26:1709-1717.e3 pubmed publisher
    ..The repression of Wnt signaling leads to reduced numbers of GSCs and delayed ovary regeneration. Our results provide insight into the key role of GSCs in driving ovary regeneration. ..
  3. Zhong Y, Huang W, Du J, Wang Z, He J, Luo L. Improved Tol2-mediated enhancer trap identifies weakly expressed genes during liver and β cell development and regeneration in zebrafish. J Biol Chem. 2019;294:932-940 pubmed publisher
  4. Wang Z, Song J, Luo L, Ma J. Loss of Leucyl-tRNA synthetase b leads to ILFS1-like symptoms in zebrafish. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2018;505:378-384 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, we demonstrated that rapamycin treatment can partially rescue the liver defect in mutants, thus providing a practicable therapeutic plan for ILFS1. ..
  5. Zou Q, Gang K, Yang Q, Liu X, Tang X, Lu H, et al. The CCCH-type zinc finger transcription factor Zc3h8 represses NF-κB-mediated inflammation in digestive organs in zebrafish. J Biol Chem. 2018;293:11971-11983 pubmed publisher
  6. Zhan Y, Huang Y, Chen J, Cao Z, He J, Zhang J, et al. The caudal dorsal artery generates hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells via the endothelial-to-hematopoietic transition in zebrafish. J Genet Genomics. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, our study revealed that the CDA serves as an additional source of hematopoiesis, and it shows similar but not identical properties with the DA. ..
  7. Cao Z, Wang H, Mao X, Luo L. Noncanonical function of threonyl-tRNA synthetase regulates vascular development in zebrafish. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2016;473:67-72 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, we conclude that noncanonical function of tars regulates vascular development presumably by modulating the expression of vegfa. ..
  8. Cai P, Mao X, Zhao J, Luo L. Ribosome biogenesis protein Urb2 regulates hematopoietic stem cells development via P53 pathway in zebrafish. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2018;497:776-782 pubmed publisher
    ..These data demonstrate that urb2 is essential for HSCs development through the regulation of P53 pathway. ..
  9. He J, Yang Y, Zhang J, Chen J, Wei X, He J, et al. Ribosome biogenesis protein Urb1 acts downstream of mTOR complex 1 to modulate digestive organ development in zebrafish. J Genet Genomics. 2017;44:567-576 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study indicates the requirement of hyperactive protein synthesis for the digestive organ development. ..

More Information


  1. Liu C, Wu C, Yang Q, Gao J, Li L, Yang D, et al. Macrophages Mediate the Repair of Brain Vascular Rupture through Direct Physical Adhesion and Mechanical Traction. Immunity. 2016;44:1162-76 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study reveals a hitherto unexpected role for macrophages in mediating repair of cerebrovascular ruptures through direct physical adhesion and mechanical traction. ..
  2. Du J, Yang Q, Luo L, Yang D. C1qr and C1qrl redundantly regulate angiogenesis in zebrafish through controlling endothelial Cdh5. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2017;483:482-487 pubmed publisher
    ..These data demonstrate that c1qr and c1qrl redundantly regulate angiogenesis through controlling the expression of the endothelial junctional molecule Cdh5, thus playing an important role in angiogenesis. ..
  3. Wang H, Luo L, Yang D. Loss of Gspt1l disturbs the patterning of the brain central arteries in zebrafish. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2017;486:156-162 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that loss of Gspt1l activates the UPR pathway, which in turn induces ectopic expression of vegfa via Atf4, thus disturbing the patterning of the central arteries. ..