Research Topics

Hui Yang


Affiliation: Northwestern Polytechnical University
Country: China


  1. Tang R, Yang H, Gong Y, You M, Liu Z, Choi J, et al. A fully disposable and integrated paper-based device for nucleic acid extraction, amplification and detection. Lab Chip. 2017;17:1270-1279 pubmed publisher
    ..This fully disposable and integrated paper-based device has great potential for future POC applications in resource-limited settings. ..
  2. Tang R, Yang H, Choi J, Gong Y, Hu J, Feng S, et al. Improved sensitivity of lateral flow assay using paper-based sample concentration technique. Talanta. 2016;152:269-76 pubmed publisher
    ..This simple, low-cost and portable integrated device holds great potential for highly sensitive detection of various target analytes for medical diagnostics, food safety analysis and environmental monitoring. ..
  3. Tang R, Yang H, Gong Y, Liu Z, Li X, Wen T, et al. Improved Analytical Sensitivity of Lateral Flow Assay using Sponge for HBV Nucleic Acid Detection. Sci Rep. 2017;7:1360 pubmed publisher
    ..The improved LFA holds great potential for diseases diagnostics, food safety control and environment monitoring at point-of-care. ..