Jing Li


Country: China


  1. Shi Y, Dai D, Li J, Dong Y, Jiang Y, Li H, et al. Sulforaphane Analogues with Heterocyclic Moieties: Syntheses and Inhibitory Activities against Cancer Cell Lines. Molecules. 2016;21:514 pubmed publisher
    ..SFN, 3d and 14c significantly induced the activation of caspase-3, and reduced the ALDH? subpopulation in the SUM159 cell line, while the marketed drug doxrubicin(DOX) increased the ALDH? subpopulation. ..
  2. Li J, Zhu X, Chen J, Zhao D, Zhang X, Bi C. Construction of a novel anaerobic pathway in Escherichia coli for propionate production. BMC Biotechnol. 2017;17:38 pubmed publisher
    ..Due to host advantages, such as non-strict anaerobic condition, mature engineering and fermentation techniques, and low cost minimal media, our work has built the basis for industrial propionate production with E. coli chassis. ..