P Zhou


Affiliation: Jiangnan University
Country: China


  1. Li J, Wu Y, Ma Y, Lu N, Regenstein J, Zhou P. Effects of addition of hydrocolloids on the textural and structural properties of high-protein intermediate moisture food model systems containing sodium caseinate. Food Funct. 2017;8:2897-2904 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, this formation of a xanthan gum dominating network structure also resulted in changes in small molecule distribution, as observed using low-field NMR. ..
  2. Zhang Z, Xiao H, Zhou P. Allergenicity suppression of tropomyosin from Exopalaemon modestus by glycation with saccharides of different molecular sizes. Food Chem. 2019;288:268-275 pubmed publisher
    ..Glycation of TM by saccharides with larger molecular sizes (such as maltoheptaose) could provide new insight into the desensitization of shrimp-induced food allergy. ..
  3. Chen X, Bhandari B, Zhou P. Insight into the effect of glycerol on stability of globular proteins in high protein model system. Food Chem. 2019;278:780-785 pubmed publisher
    ..The secondary structure and tryptophan exposure remained unchanged. In conclusion, the protection of glycerol on protein stability was highly dependent on the nature of proteins. ..
  4. Ma Y, Zhang L, Wu Y, Zhou P. Changes in milk fat globule membrane proteome after pasteurization in human, bovine and caprine species. Food Chem. 2019;279:209-215 pubmed publisher
    ..In sum, pasteurization affected MFGM protein composition in different extent among three species. ..
  5. Zhang Z, Xiao H, Zhang X, Zhou P. Conformation, allergenicity and human cell allergy sensitization of tropomyosin from Exopalaemon modestus: Effects of deglycosylation and Maillard reaction. Food Chem. 2019;276:520-527 pubmed publisher
    ..Deglycosylation exerted inhibition on colon cell (Caco-2) proliferation and increase of IL-8 release, while glucose glycated TM suppressed Caco-2 proliferation and IL-8 release. ..
  6. Liu D, Zhang J, Yang T, Liu X, Hemar Y, Regenstein J, et al. Effects of skim milk pre-acidification and retentate pH-restoration on spray-drying performance, physico-chemical and functional properties of milk protein concentrates. Food Chem. 2019;272:539-548 pubmed publisher
    ..7-5.4. Solubility and emulsifying properties of MPC improved with decreasing pH of pre-acidification and with pH-restoration. Heat stability of MPC declined with decreasing pH of pre-acidification but improved with pH-restoration. ..
  7. Zhuang F, Li X, Hu J, Liu X, Zhang S, Tang C, et al. Effects of casein micellar structure on the stability of milk protein-based conjugated linoleic acid microcapsules. Food Chem. 2018;269:327-334 pubmed publisher
    ..The adverse effect of the casein micellar structure suggested that modification of casein micelles will be needed to improve the efficiency and chemical stability of such microcapsules. ..
  8. Liu D, Wei G, Li T, Hu J, Lu N, Regenstein J, et al. Effects of alkaline pretreatments and acid extraction conditions on the acid-soluble collagen from grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) skin. Food Chem. 2015;172:836-43 pubmed publisher
    ..5M acetic acid for extraction and 4-20 °C for both pretreatment and extraction, produced ASC with the structural integrity being well maintained and hence were recommended to prepare ASC from grass carp skin in practical application. ..
  9. Liu D, Wang Y, Yu Y, Hu J, Lu N, Regenstein J, et al. Effects of enzymatic dephosphorylation on infant in vitro gastrointestinal digestibility of milk protein concentrate. Food Chem. 2016;197:891-9 pubmed publisher

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  1. Zhang Z, Regenstein J, Zhou P, Yang Y. Effects of high intensity ultrasound modification on physicochemical property and water in myofibrillar protein gel. Ultrason Sonochem. 2017;34:960-967 pubmed publisher
  2. Zhang Z, Zhang X, Chen W, Zhou P. Conformation stability, in vitro digestibility and allergenicity of tropomyosin from shrimp (Exopalaemon modestus) as affected by high intensity ultrasound. Food Chem. 2018;245:997-1009 pubmed publisher
    ..Stronger HIU could loosen TM structure, strengthen the gastrointestinal digestibility of TM and reduce the allergenicity of TM and digestion products to low level. ..